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The 10 best Baxter of California products

The best of the best.

words by: Adam Hurly
Mar 13, 2022

For nearly 60 years, Baxter of California has proven that “premium doesn’t have to be pretentious.” That SoCal mantra seeps into its entire assortment, a grooming range that covers just about every square inch of the body. Most people know the brand for their stellar hair stylers, but the barbershop brand also excels at skin, shave, and even body care.


You don’t have to visit the LA-based Baxter Finley Barber + Shop to test out Baxter’s products, they’re all available at—and below are the top 10 products we think you ought to consider.



Cream Pomade, $23

If every brand sent us their hair products and we were spoiled for choice, we’d probably still reach for numerous Baxter stylers. They cut through the noise by delivering on their promise. In Cream Pomade’s case, that’s a light, touchable hold with a natural, slightly shiny finish. Hair looks effortless, and if it weren’t for the lack of frizz and flyaways, some people might even think you used no product at all. But you’ll notice a huge difference—cooperative hair, no matter how mussed-up the style you desire.


Buy the cream pomade here.



Clay Pomade, $23

At the opposite end of the styling spectrum is this firm-hold, no-shine styler, Clay Pomade. Use it to build choppy texture, as well as volume and definition in short or medium styles, or to anchor roots in longer, free-flowing lengths. But don’t limit yourself to these two stylers; the brand has something for all hair types and end goals—we’ll even throw you one surprise later in this list.


Buy the clay pomade here.



Shave Tonic, $19

This multitasking spray helps tone and calm the skin as it readies and recovers from the blade. It uses menthol, aloe, and oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, spearmint, and camphor to calm and nurture skin, while also balancing pH levels and preventing ingrown hairs, as well as razor bumps.


Buy the shave tonic here.



Deodorant, $21

If a deodorant could launch a cult, then this would be the stick to do it. Naturally derived and void of alcohol and aluminum, it wears smooth and casts a refreshing herbal-musk-citrus radius. Its secret weapon is the trio of tea tree oil, chamomile, and witch hazel, which together balance oil levels, calm skin, and neutralize odor-building bacteria.


Buy the deodorant here.



Exfoliating Body Bar, $20

Nothing smells as incredible as this cedarwood-oak moss bar. It turns every shower into an invigorating experience, and it leaves your body buffed and smooth all the while. It uses ultra-fine jojoba meal and crushed olive seed to lift rough, dead skin cells, but it does so gently—it is foremost a bar soap, and one that lasts weeks.


Buy the exfoliating body bar here.



Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 15, $31

Since you’re going to moisturize every morning, it may as well include your daily dose of SPF defense. Not to mention, an oil-free formula is perfect for all skin types, especially oily and acne-prone individuals who need a lightweight, breathable hydrator. This one is free of fragrance for sensitive skin types, too, and it delivers a nourishing and soothing blanket of Vitamin E.


Buy the oil free moisturizer SPF 15 here.



Daily Fortifying Shampoo, $33

A blend of coconut extract wheat proteins and salicylic acid make for a scalp-toning, hair-fortifying, bond-smoothing shampoo—one that you can use multiple days in a row if your regimen demands it. It refreshes the spirits with a minty scent, while nourishing strands and scalp alike with a generous dose of Vitamin E.


Buy the daily fortifying shampoo here.



Thickening Style Gel, $20

We’re done writing off hair gels: This thickening gel won’t give you any crunch, flakes, or buildup. Instead, you get the high hold and shine without feeling like you’ve got a hair helmet. Add a pinch to your roots to control the direction of hair styling, or comb it throughout for a slick, sharp finish—it’ll even straighten waves and curls, or tame flyaways and build volume in shorter styles.


Buy the thickening style gel here.



Clay Mask AHA, $25

A deep-cleansing and surface-exfoliating mask, this product combines the powers of kaolin and bentonite clay with lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) to promote skin clarity and brightness. It soothes with calendula and aloe, while also toning oil levels with witch hazel. Use it once a week in the evening for a deep-skin detox.


Buy the clay mask AHA here.



Skin Concentrate BHA, $37

An evening, pre-bedtime serum that seeps into the pores and clears out excess grime and grease, while breaking down dead skin cells and neutralizing bacteria. That’s the potent beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid, specifically) at work. A must-have for acne-prone individuals—even if your breakouts are confined to blackheads. For all skin types, this one ensures smooth surface texture and radiant complexion, since it also promotes the turnover of dead surface cells.


Buy the skin concentrate BHA here.


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Photos via Baxter of California