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The 10 best Hanz de Fuko Stylers

Don’t sleep on these.

words by: Adam Hurly
Aug 15, 2022

Hanz de Fuko is one of the first brands I encountered when beginning my grooming editorial career. The product my editor gave me to test was Quicksand, and I have yet to experience a hair product remotely comparable: It uses finely ground diatomaceous earth crystals to give hair this incredible density and lift—basically, it’s part dry shampoo, part wax. Some people who try this product have the opposite reaction, since it’s so unusual. But if you have short, straight or wavy hair (a couple inches long, let’s say), Quicksand gives you the best texture and volume of your life.


What started as a humble brand in San Francisco in 2009, is now a global phenomenon; Hanz de Fuko retails in over 40 countries, can be found on the shelves of Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s (among others), and has sold millions and millions of units—their best seller and perhaps most notable product (alongside Quicksand) is the high-hold, matte-finish Claymation—think Quicksand without the dry shampoo grit.


The brand has expanded beyond hair styling and haircare into skincare, too. But today, we’re going to bring it back to HdF’s roots and spotlight their incredible styling products. While the list below comprises the majority of the brand’s styling products, it’s for good reason: Each of them is incredible at its specific task. So, peruse the offering, find the one or two stylers that suit your styling needs, and stock up.


Here are the 10 best Hanz de Fuko styling products.


1. Quicksand

High Hold — Dry, Matte Finish

Like I said above, this stuff is unmatched in the grooming space. It gives your hair this crazy unique density and grit. Some find it a little too weird, but I love the amp it gives my strands. I suggest using it every second or third day, instead of daily, and always shampooing the day after use, just to flush out any buildup of the signature ingredient, those ground diatomaceous earth crystals. You can substitute in their best-selling styler, Claymation, on the other days.



Photo via Nordstrom


Buy Quicksand from Hanz de Fuko for $23


2. Claymation

Super High Hold — Matte Finish

No surprise why this is the brand’s best seller. A clay-wax hybrid, it actually contains a small amount of Quicksand, too, but not enough to give you that gritty finish. Claymation works mostly without impacting the oil levels on your scalp and strands, and despite its ‘super high hold,’ it rinses clean in water.



Photo via Amazon


Buy Claymation from Hanz de Fuko for $23


3. Heavymade

Extreme Hold — High Shine

No, the ‘super high hold’ of Claymation is not the brand’s top-tier grip. That award goes to the ‘extreme hold’ of Heavymade (and Gel Triq, mentioned later on this list). This water-based pomade is perfect for high-volume, high-hold looks (like pompadours), thanks to its lightweight application. It prevents frizzing and poofing since it thwarts humidity from impacting the hair’s moisture levels. Compared to Gel Triq, use this one if you want high shine without looking “slick,” or “wet”.



Photo via DeckOut


Buy Heavymade from Hanz de Fuko for $23


4. Sponge Wax

Medium Hold — Semi-Matte Finish

Sponge Wax is as much a heat and humidity shield as it is a styler. You can apply it before blow drying your hair to shield the strands from heat damage, and it will prevent humidity-induced poofing during summer’s hottest, densest days. It’s perfect for short and medium hair lengths, and gives you a subtle, natural-looking shine to boot.


sponge wax

Photo via Amazon


Buy Sponge Wax from Hanz de Fuko for $23


5. Scheme Cream

Medium Hold — Natural Shine

Scheme Cream and Sponge Wax might seem interchangeable, since both medium-hold products double as heat and humidity shields. However, Scheme Cream does wear a little more lightly in the hair, and is easier to rework throughout the day (that’s the cream vs. wax at play). If you’re deciding between the two, I’d suggest using Sponge Wax in short/medium-short styles, and Scheme Cream in anything longer from there.


scheme cream

Photo via Dapper Chapper


Buy Scheme Cream from Amazon for $23


6. Gel Triq

Extreme Hold — Wet Shine

If you’re readying a Mystique costume for Halloween, or if you simply want to slick back your hair like a rock star or bad-ass biker, then Gel Triq does the trick. There’s no crunchy residue, thank goodness, and the sugar-based gel rinses clean. I’d even drop a pea-sized amount in other products to add some hold, dimension, and shine.


gel triq

Photo via Hanz de Fuko


Buy Gel Triq from Hanz de Fuko for $23


7. Gravity Paste

High Hold — Medium Shine

Most pastes on the market deliver medium results on both vertices: Hold and shine. Gravity paste cranks the hold up a notch but still allows you to achieve high-volume looks. Apply it in wet or dry hair, the former for more density and body-building, the latter for more grip. Regardless, you’ll enjoy the effects all day.


gravity paste

Photo via Slickstyle


Buy Gravity Paste from Hanz de Fuko for $23


8. Modify Pomade

Medium Hold — High Shine

This is one of those products every guy should own, regardless of how often he uses it. It’s work friendly, wedding friendly, date friendly, weekend friendly… it’ll catch the light and showcase your hair’s texture and fullness, without weighing down strands and making you look slimy.


Photo via The Pomp/James Bui


Buy Modify Pomade from Hanz de Fuko for $23


9. Hybridized Wax

Medium Hold — Satin Shine

I’m adding “satin shine” to my grooming vernacular, because that’s exactly what I want to achieve most days. It’s a healthy, not-so-greasy finish thanks to iridescent mica, and this hair-conditioning product delivers whatever you ask it to—from choppy, densifying textures to something more sophisticated.


hybridized wax

Photo via Hanz de Fuko


Buy Hybridized Wax from Hanz de Fuko for $23


10. Butter Balm

Light Hold & Taming — Medium Shine

Butter balm is a utilitarian product, great for dry, rough skin as well as taming and nourishing your beard. As for hair styling, it’s a terrific finishing and conditioning agent, helping to keep flyaways in check, and for nourishing dry, frizzy ends. Apply it in damp, towel-dried hair as a leave-in mask, too—it’ll look like you’re wearing a medium-shine hair cream for the day.


butter balm

Photo via Hanz de Fuko


Buy Butter Balm from Hanz de Fuko for $36


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