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The 10 best Jack Black products

How many of these do you have in your routine?

words by: Adam Hurly
Jan 9, 2022

Jack Black has built a 20-year legacy on a steadily expanding, ingredient-forward grooming assortment. Some of their most recent launches—like a CBD oil—hint at the fact that the brand already has the essential bases covered. Foremost known as a skincare brand, Jack Black even has the primary hair care and styling boxes checked.


It’s a one-stop brand that can outfit your entire bathroom, and at whichever level you choose. Want the core products? They’ve got the exfoliant, the SPF moisturizer, the cleanser. Want an upgrade? Try the retinol-alternative bakuchiol night remedy or the anti-acne assortment.


The truth is, we love it all, especially since the brand gives specific recognition to the ingredients in each formula, and highlights exactly how they’ll benefit you.


So when pressed to pick our 10 favorites, it’s kind of a “kill your darlings” scenario for the products we have to leave off the list. Nevertheless, here are the 10 that made the ever-competitive shortlist.


1. True Volume Thickening Shampoo, $28

Creatine, of all things, fuels this shampoo, along with wheat protein. Together, they penetrate the hairs to help strengthen and lift. White lupine protein conditions the scalp, tea tee leaf oil balances oil production and tempers microbes. Best of all, this shampoo doesn’t flush hair of its natural oil, and instead gives it a nutritious rinse with extracts sage and nettle leaf, lavender, basil, and sunflower seed oil.


Buy the thickening shampoo here.


2. Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20, $28

One of Jack Black’s key products, this SPF-powered daytime hydrator gives you daily defense against skin-damaging and skin-aging UV rays and pollutants, as well as any threats to your moisture barrier and skin resilience. It’s loaded with blue algae extract and parsley, which themselves are rich in Vitamins A, C, and E, to help mitigate signs of aging and neutralize toxins.


Buy the face moisturizer here.


3. MP 10 Nourishing Oil, $35

A product that does it all with 10 types of natural oils provide every kind of fortifying, hydrating, smoothing power to skin, beard, hair, tattoos, and the likes. If you want the roster of antioxidant-rich, restorative oils, then take a deep breath and read this one fast: argan, moringa, marula, watermelon seed, plum seed, baobab seed, olive fruit, grape seed, jojoba, and rice bran. (Whew.)


Its dense consistency prevents it from running over, and the bottle pump helps control the amount of product used each time. Best of all, that 2-oz. bottle is twice the size of most beard or hair oils. Then again, this one is neither of those things; it is both, and so much more.


Buy the nourishing oil here.


4. Industrial Strength Hand Healer, $46

This jumbo-sized hand lotion will get you all the way through the winter, preserving moisture levels (or quickly restoring them) in the driest, coldest temps. It’s a whipped, creamy consistency dense with glycerin, Vitamins A and E, and macadamia nut oil, which altogether make skin stronger, resilient, and buoyant. It even has liposomes, which work double time to deliver vitamins and nutrients in a more effective, efficient manner. Use it on anything chapped below the neck, from hands to elbows to cracked heels.


Buy the hand healer here.


5. Sleek Finish Texture Cream, $15

Amino acids and pro-vitamin B5 bind to and plump the hairs, giving a greater appearance of fullness (one you can feel). This one nourishes and replenishes hydration as it delivers lightweight hold, with oils of olive fruit and geranium. It further densifies hair with antioxidant-rich beetroot.


Buy the texture cream here.


6. Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant Sensitive Skin Formula, $19

Antiperspirant is rarely engineered for sensitive skin (and done so effectively). Pit Boss reigns supreme though as the stick that does it best. It uses soothers like aloe and Vitamin E to calm finicky pits, while the 20% aluminum formula controls sweat, moisture, and odor.


Buy the antiperspirant and deodorant here.


7. The Acne Remedy Collection Set, $65

A gentle, proactive trip of products that help mitigate and disappear acne and dark spots faster and safely. The overnight Repair Moisturizer is packed with exfoliating and pore-cleansing hydroxy acids, while the foaming cleanser also utilizes both (in the form of salicylic and lactic acids) to help keep pores clear and promote cellular turnover.


Lastly, the Clearing Spot Treatment helps dry, repair, recover, and calm breakouts. Sometimes, they’re one-off and don’t require you to alter your entire facial regimen to fix. Still, this trio is imperative for acne-prone people, as a means to prevent the problem as much as treat it.


Buy the acne remedy kit here.


8. Beard Wash, $18

A beard rinse that also fortifies and conditions the whiskers and skin beneath. This is packed with jojoba proteins to preserve moisture, along with Vitamin B5, which also fortifies strands. Aloe calms the skin while sea kelp boosts skin moisture levels. Then, of course, there’s shea butter, which conditions the hair with its fatty acids. Few beard washes do more than a standard-fare facial cleanser, but this one genuinely targets scruff in a thoughtful way.


Buy the beard wash here.


9. Oil-Free Sun Guard SPF 45 Sunscreen, $21

A sunscreen that goes on without any greasiness. Its oil-free and water/sweat-resistant formula make it optimal for all outdoor activities, not to mention its generous SPF 45 shield that protects even sun-sensitive folks. It lasts up to 80 minutes in the water, and blocks rays with a mineral and chemical combo of zinc oxide, octinoxate, and octisalate, while calendula flower calms skin and Vitamin C helps neutralize toxins and UV rays with its antioxidants.


Buy the sunscreen here.


10. CBD+HA Serum, $55

A dose of 200mg cannabidiol gives skin a contact-high kind of calm, while hyaluronic acid hydrates skin from deep within, by pulling in excess moisture from the air (up to 1000x its own weight) to keep cells hydrated and to preserve smooth, radiant complexion. Two oils (baobab and sandalwood) give this a little heft, too, as they deliver moisture and antioxidant to the dermis.


Buy the CBD serum here.


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