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Eleven natural deodorants that actually work

Don’t be that person.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jan 30, 2020

We know it’s cold, but if you think you can skip deodorant in the winter, think again.

Regardless of weather conditions, perspiration is inevitable, it’s a good rule of thumb to apply daily. You can opt between traditional or all-natural. Natural deodorants are made without aluminum, the main ingredient in traditional antiperspirants that plug sweat glands. Natural deodorants also block pores and keep the body from sweating, leaving you less smelly than before. So if you don’t want to be that person people avoid on the subway, below are 11 affordable, natural deodorants that actually work. 


Nubian Heritage African Black Soap 24-Hour Deodorant

Amazon – $7.84


Famous for not leaving streaks, this deodorant glides on smooth and leaves you smelling fresh for 24 hours. 


Aesop Herbal Deodorant Roll-on

Skinstore – $35

Most roll-on deodorants are made with alcohol and can be harmful to the body. Aesop came out with an alcoholic free version and infused it with sage and wasabi extracts.


Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

REI – $18


Between the easy-to-apply stick and unisex scent, this one is a game changer. 


Tom’s Long Lasting Natural Deodorant Stick


If you’re in need of a bargain, the original natural deodorant stick is the way to go.


Little Seed Farm Natural Deodorant Cream

Little Seed Farm –  $11.99



Don’t be alarmed at the fact that this is a cream and not stick. If you’re constantly on the go, this odor-free, irritation-free is the one for you.


Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

Nordstroms – $14


Known as the triple threat, this deodorant is paraben-free, aluminum-free, and alcohol-free. 


Art of Sport Men’s Deodorant

Amazon – $8.95

Famous Kobe Bryant brand, Art of Sport is made without parabens and aluminum. 


Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Amazon – $14

If you’re looking for a clear deodorant, this will blow you away. 


Native Deodorant

Walmart – $12

Instead of being aluminum-free, Native uses tapioca starch and baking soda. 


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Target $6.99

Artificial fragrances in Schmidt will help neutralize your cologne and natural scents.


Baxter of California

Baxter of California – $20

Some deodorants leave white streaks, some leave powdery residue. This one leaves nothing. 


Gif by Nicola Destefanis.