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Get schooled with these 15 ‘Origin of Everything’ episodes

words by: Kai Acevedo
Jan 23, 2021

Like many things, Origin of Everything came to an end in 2020. Produced by PBS Digital Studios, the digital series schooled viewers on a unique variety of topics that ranged from cultural appropriation to the development of public housing to why prescription drugs are expensive over the course of its three-season run. Origin of Everything premiered in 2017 and had been hosted by Danielle Bainbridge, a self-described, “fun loving, history nerd” with a bubbly personality, as well as a PhD in African American Studies and American Studies from Yale University.


Although we can’t expect to see new episodes of Origin of Everything, we can still check out and learn from older clips that are still online. Here are 15 Origin of Everything episodes to check out.


Why Do We Say “African American”?

Premiered: Oct 1, 2020


A Brief History of Men’s Underwear

Premiered: Sep 10, 2019


The Origin of Race in the USA

Premiered: Apr 3, 2018


When did the News Start?

Premiered: Aug 7, 2019


Why Are There SO Many Confederate Monuments?

Premiered: Aug 20, 2019


Why was Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys?

Premiered: Jan 30, 2018


Why are 18 Year Olds Considered Adults?

Premiered: Sep 19, 2017


Where Does the #Hashtag Symbol Come From?

Premiered: Sep 26, 2017


Why Does “Straight” Mean Heterosexual?

Premiered: Jan 10, 2020


Why Do We Have Private Prisons?

Premiered: Apr 23, 2019


6 Surprising Facts About the 19th Amendment?

Premiered: Apr 28, 2020


Why Do We Have Housing Projects?

Premiered: Jun 4, 2019


History of Socialism in America

Premiered: Sep 22, 2020


The Racist Origins of U.S. Law

Premiered: Aug 6, 2020


Economic Lessons from Past Pandemics

Premiered: Apr 8, 2020


Photo via PBS