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20 of the most interesting Weed strain names

In honor of 420 of course.

words by: Matt Peng
Apr 20, 2021

Thanks to the legalization of recreational cannabis (marijuana, weed, dope, ganja, etc.) use in 15 states, most recently New York, this year’s 420 celebrations feels like it’ll continue on throughout the summer. Whether you smoke, ingest or apply bud, there’s always been an openness to the culture that has allowed for the slang to spread across the globe. Thanks to cultural references and food-related naming, it makes looking for weed just as fun as using it.


Today, in honor of 420, we’re taking a look at 20 of the most interesting strain names – they have be funny, ridiculous or outright wtf?! at times. I am by no means an expert in this field, so this is just for fun and in alphabetical order.



Just like the Avtomat Kalashnikova from which it draws its unofficial name, this mainstay strain has been in the game a long time and continues to dominate both medicinal and recreational markets.


Bahama Mama

A hybrid between Tropicana Cookies and Black Bananas, just like the rum-based tropical vacation drink, this strain is supposed to help you alleviate your pains and aches and all the sleepless nights from work.


Bubble Bath

Of course this hybrid is bred from The Soap strain, how fitting. It’s supposed to leave you in a “euphoric haze” just like soaking in an actual bubble bath for too long.


Bubonic Chronic

A hybrid that consists of some AK-47, Northern Lights and Skunk #1 that also refers to a deadly epidemic that occurred throughout the mid-1300s. It gives us hope in defeating today’s global pandemic.


Champagne Supernova

Drawing its hybrid name from its two parent strains and not the Oasis song, this is the perfect Netflix and chill (actually chill) strain because of the 30 or so minutes it takes to set in.


Goat Piss

A hybrid cross between Green Crack, Bubblegum, The Black, Stardawg and Cookies & Cream, the name says it all – this is potent and has a dank ass smell to it.


Ice Cream Cake

Who doesn’t like ice cream cake? I thought this one was interesting because it’s a hybrid that comes from multiple layers of strain blending. Who would’ve thought that Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 would yield an Ice Cream Cake?


Laffy Taffy

The candy and the dance have nothing on this hybrid strain. Apparently it’ll make you super happy, so this is a great one for fighting depression, pain and anxiety.


Lemon Pepper

Drop that Drake & Rick Ross freestyle and roll this one up to experience the actual wings flavor. Apparently, you might even be able to maintain energy and focus – something Drizzy knows all about.


Master Yoda

Star Wars fans this one’s for you if you’re trying to be one with The Force right before bedtime.


Mother’s Milk

Not the character from The Boys, the name actually comes from the “milky” sheen from thick crystal trichomes that covers the flowers.


Pineapple Express

I mean, does any other strain on here have a movie $100+ million USD box office named after it? Didn’t think so.


Pootie Tang

Fans of The Chris Rock Show will know about the “too cool for words” character and the Louis C.K. directed film. The strain though, is slightly calmer.


Sex Candy

Apparently this strain will help boost that libido. No more awkward pharmacy and bodega visits for some, deadass fam.



I just love this name, it’s awesome. While you may mistake the name for causing you to slur heavily, it’s actually named this way because of how fast it hits you from head to toe, like a hurricane.


Sour Diesel

The name just isn’t appetizing at all but this strain has a cult-like following. The dry mouth and dry eyes are almost always guaranteed with this strain, so definitely interesting in the sense that people still love it.


Swaggy P

Not actually Nick Young’s strain, this was only nicknamed for the baller because it helps to have some post workout. Still, I can’t help but wonder if Swaggy P was on some Swaggy P on the hardwood.


Truth Serum

There’s some truth to the name because it apparently helps with communication and allows for the user to become more open in their conversations. We wouldn’t recommend this for an important job interview though.


Unicorn Poop



Did you instinctively do the Warheads candy face? Yea, me too. This strain is supposed to mimic that flavor profile.


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