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The best 20 under 20 items for summer 2020

Don’t break the bank.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Aug 26, 2020

There are items we are willing to splurge on and then there are items that won’t break the bank but still serve a nice purpose. Here’s a roundup of the best purchases you can make for under $20.


An iPhone fan

We all know how hot NYC tends to get in the summer, especially in these last few weeks of August, so save yourself the sweat and purchase one of these USB iPhone operated fans.
Get it for $9.99 from Amazon


A packable shopping bag

These Baggu reusable shopping bags have been the hoot in the past couple of months. They are large enough to fit your groceries and light enough that they can fit in a small bag when crumpled up. Plus they look super cool and are fashionable enough for Brooklyn, can you really ask for more?
Get it from Baggu for $12


A roll-on headache and migraine relief stick

I cannot recommend this enough. This essential oil roll-on stick has worked miracles for my migraines and headaches. If you are prone to headaches, and are tired of consuming too much Advil, this is the item for you to buy. Apply a little to your temples and the back of your neck, and feel your headache disappear within 15 minutes. I’m not joking about it, I don’t think I can live without it anymore.
Get it for $10.99 from Amazon


A no-touch thermometer

Flu season is around the corner, that and the fact that COVID-19 is still not under wraps. You can use this no-touch thermometer to make sure you and your friends are in the clear. 
Get it for $19.99 from Amazon


A portable charger

This is a game-changer. My phone hasn’t been dead ever since I got it.
Get it from Amazon for $16.99


A dish squeegee

This will make the most annoying task easy breezy, and leave you with clean dishes. No more grease residue or hard to remove spots!
Get it for $5.99 from Amazon


A bike mount for your phone

If you’ve been biking recently, you’re absolutely going to love this bike phone mount. It makes it so your phone is safe and secure, and you can check it without having to stop at a traffic light and maneuver it out of your bag. 
Get it for $19.98 from Amazon


A shoe deodorizing spray 

This kind of speaks for itself. Everyone hates the smell of shoes in the hallway, in the room, etc. If you don’t have the luxury to air your shoes outside, this will work miracles. Get it now and thank us later. 
Get it for $12.95 from Amazon


Google Cardboard VR viewer

Yes you heard that right! This is a cardboard VR viewer that is literally a bang for your buck. This may not be as sophisticated as other VR headsets, but for the price of a burger, it’s pretty darn good.
Get it for $16.99 from Amazon


A milk frother

You want a homemade latte like the one you get from a coffee shop but don’t want to shell out daily $$$ for it? Get this milk frother and make your own incredibly looking and tasty coffee concoctions.
Get it $13.95 from Amazon (available in 10 colors)


A power scrubber brush 

This power scrubber is the best thing you will buy for your house. It helps remove the toughest of stains, and will make any surface in your home clean and shiny. If you love home repairs and the satisfaction of having sparkling clean floors get this now.
Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (available in six colors and brush densities)


A hands-free grocery carrier 

This will make a massive grocery haul feel like a walk in the park. You may not want to invest in a grocery carrier, but if you trust our word, it is very much a worthy investment. No more carpal tunnel and bag burns from schlepping heavy grocery bags for blocks on end. 
Get it from Amazon for $12.95 (available in four colors)


This tiny portable Bluetooth speaker

So, apparently, this is the smallest portable speaker in the world, but it is enough to fill a huge room (with people) with sounds. Now we know that no one is having super large gatherings (and if you are, please stop), but for $14, this speaker is definitely worth a try. 
Get it from Amazon for $14


A diffuser that doesn’t require water

This diffuser uses a silent fan and a diffuser pad rather than water, so you can take it literally anywhere you want without having to worry. It’s very small and compact, fits in a suitcase or on a work desk, and runs on batteries (or can be plugged into a USB port), how incredible is that? All hail technology. 
Get it from Amazon for $10


Really cool finger-less gloves with LED Flashlights

These gloves are not only useful, but they’re cool too. Good for any handiwork that requires immediate lights, for biking around and not wanting to get hit by cars, or for hiking!
Get it from Amazon for $15


Weighted workout resistant bands

If you’re missing the gym, fear no more. You can exercise any time, any place with this resistance band set. 
Get a 3-piece set for $12.79 from Amazon


A heated aromatherapy USB eye mask

This Aroma Season eye mask plugs into any USB port and offers soothing heat that’s great for dry skin, puffy eyes, or headaches (you can set the temperature and timing). It’s stuffed with natural lavender flowers so it releases the most calming scent perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.
Get it for $19.99 from Amazon


A mini portable battery-operated fist-size vacuum

This mini desktop vacuum runs on batteries and helps you clean up crumbs, lint, hair, eraser shavings, and dust. It is also perfect for cleaning appliances and those hard to get to spots. For under $20 it sure is worth it!

Get it from Amazon for $11.98


A styling kit

Simulating a professional haircut for $14? Get this styling and home hair cutting kit which comes with everything you need to trim, layer, and cut: a grooming comb, two hairpins, cleansing cloth, two pairs of cutting shears and a convenient case.
Get it from Amazon for $14


A magnifier for you phone’s screen

The Dizaul magnifier enlarges your screen without a power source so it simulates the effect of you watching on a much bigger display. It works for most types of smartphones and folds up so easily! 
Get it from Amazon for $13


Photo via D-Scope Pro/Amazon