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Our favorite 2020 hairstyles

words by: Matt Peng
Jan 14, 2021

2020 was a wild time for hair – mostly because we spent a majority of the year indoors and locked down. Whether you took it upon yourself to fix an edge, let your barber pop in or headed over to the shop when you were able to, or just let all your locks and curls rock, these were some of the dopest hairstyles from last year.


Hair Designs

Hair designs went ham last year as people had time to experiment and just as much time to grow it back in case things went wrong. Champagne Papi celebrated his 34th birthday and the announcement of his Certified Lover Boy album for 2021 by getting a heart design on the top left side of his line. The edges are perfectly lined up to his fade and this is one style that definitely ended a year of great designs off on the right foot.


Photo via Drake


Flat Top

While Will Smith no longer rocks the famous flat top from his Fresh Prince days, the 30th anniversary of the show, along with quarantine rules and timing, gave many people ample time to bring back this ’90s classic.


Photo via Chris Cuffaio/NBCU Photo Bank


Afro Fade

This one was super popular, especially with a medium to long beard. The contrast between the density of a full-blown COVID beard and the fade up towards the afro, along with dyed hair for those that wanted it (OBJ definitely made the blonde style pop-off when he was rocking this on the field), made this the move during 2020.


Photo via Pinterest


Curly Fade

Unless you are a master of doing your own fade, this one was probably hard to achieve at home. Or maybe you took the time to master that fade technique, either way, DaBaby not only rocked the charts all throughout 2020 but he showed us all how to rock a curly fade proper.


Photo via DaBaby


Man Bun

You probably thought the man bun would die out by the turn of the decade but it actually didn’t. With a variety of different renditions, and guys being lazy and letting their hair grow, this style definitely got a lot of play last year. And although it isn’t a new style for Visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura, he’s still the king of the classic man bun.


Photo via Justin Chung


Dennis Rodman-Inspired Looks

The release of The Last Dance last summer not only brought about nostalgia for old heads, but also exposed a young and new audience to The Worm, Dennis Rodman. An NBA legend when it comes to hair art, coloring and his overall style and sex appeal, many headed for the shop to get their own hair dyed when it was safe to do so, including Dwyane Wade.


Photo via Dwyane Wade


French Crop

This was one of my personal styles last year as I tired to hide the fact that I’m balding. I went with the disconnected version, which has sharp contrast on the sides where the clipped hair abruptly meets a straight line from the scissor top portion. Personally, I’m balding on top so the added length across the top allowed me to cover some patches. Zayn Malik showed off how versatile this style is with facial hair as well as head tattoos years ago but the style definitely caught on a lot last year.

Photo via Getty