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How to prevent your Ballot from being rejected

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 2, 2020

Due to Coronavirus, millions of Americans plan to vote by mail this coming November. The risk for getting your ballot rejected is high, especially since it already happened to 534,000 mail ballots in the primaries this year; and especially for people who have never voted by mail before. So if you are considering voting by mail instead of in-person to protect yourself from COVID, please ensure your vote is properly cast and counted. 


Register to vote or make sure your voting details (name and address) are correct. 

Each state is different, register to vote here.


Request your mail in the ballot.

There are some states where your mail ballot is automatically sent to you. To check, view the tracker here. If that is not the case in your state, make sure to request one from your local election officials.


Read the instructions thoroughly and ask questions if you are confused.  

In some states, it’s not as easy as selecting a candidate. Some are asking for multiple signatures, and potentially a notary in order for the ballot to be legit. 


Use the same signature.

Once your mail-in ballot is received, your signature will need to be verified. To do this, officials match it to previous signatures, this could be your driver’s license or previous ballots and documents. Make sure your signature hasn’t evolved too much or use the one on your driver’s license. This is not the time to get fancy. 


Do not tamper.

Do not fold, crease, stain or God forbid – use a different color than indicated. This will all count against you. Black ink is required.