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3 discrete and comfortable Fitness Watches to consider

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words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 9, 2022

Every accessory you wear on your body on a daily basis has to fit with your personal lifestyle and aesthetic. This even applies to fitness trackers: While they have to be comfortable and work well with your outfits, they also have to work well with your lifestyle and how you choose to go about working out—something that is different for everyone.


Fitness trackers also depend on what kind of phone you use and what workouts you engage in. For example, are you more of a biker or a runner? Do you go for endurance or strength?


Whatever your specific need is, we highly recommend finding a fitness tracker watch that could enhance your active life and optimize your workouts and routines, but also be discrete and wearable no matter the circumstance. Here’s 3 of our favorites.


Whoop 4.0

Whoop, the cult fitness tracker company, not only has a fitness tracker, but an additional line of smart clothes, making it the type of company that thinks of the big picture in a holistic and inclusive way. Though its metrics are more suited for athletes than a regular person who works out a couple times a week, it’s still useful in data tracking and getting insight into your movements and habits.



Photo via Whoop


The Whoop 4.0 has a long-lasting battery, but you would have to keep the app running at all times. The best thing about Whoop 4.0 is that it’s lightweight and minimal, so nothing really gets in the way of your exercise routine. It’s one of those fitness trackers that you forget you’re wearing, ultimately leading to its appeal.


Subscribe to Whoop 4.0 for $30/month.


Withings ScanWatch

Most trackers are able to measure blood oxygen levels through an SpO2 sensor, as well as detect atrial fibrillation, and while Withings ScanWatch can do that as well, you actually don’t need a subscription to access the information and features.


withings copy

Photo via Withings


On the plus side, it can go up to a month without needing a recharge, which is longer than most other fitness trackers. What makes the ScanWatch really unique though, is that it looks like an actual analog watch. Most fitness trackers are usually very clearly defined as such, but this ScanWatch can easily be mistaken for a regular ol’ watch, and that’s perhaps the biggest part of its appeal.


Buy the Withings ScanWatch from Amazon for $280


Samsung Galaxy Watch5

The new Galaxy Watch5 from Samsung is among the most comfortable Wear OS smartwatches available. It is available in 40- and 44-mm sizes and runs Wear OS 3. Because of this, you can use Google Maps‘ turn-by-turn navigation as well as Google Assistant, and the best health features from Samsung, such as SpO2 readings, auto-workout recognition, electrocardiogram, and sleep tracking. It’s excellent for both checking and responding to notifications.


samsung watch5

Photo via Victoria Song


Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 from Samsung, starting at $149


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Photo via Samsung