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The 3 best Laundry services in Lower East Side

A helping hand.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jan 11, 2022

I spent the first 18 months of the pandemic living in my family home in California. I enjoyed beach walks, open restaurants, family and friend time, and open spaces. Another thing I really enjoyed was the joy of doing my laundry whenever I pleased. But most importantly, for free.


When I returned to New York City, I experienced culture shock. Living in Manhattan, my unit and my building doesn’t have laundry. So each time I need to wash my clothes, I walk the four to five minutes to the laundromat. I really don’t mind it because it is so close, but days that I have more than two loads (the amount I can fit in my rolling laundry bag), it gets a bit annoying schlepping around the clothes multiple times up and down my apartment building and to the laundromat. Not to mention, I’ve only done this in the summer and am now wondering if I’d like to do the same in the snow and cold temperatures that are here and will only get worse.


Due to this, I’ve decided to look into sending my laundry out for wash and fold services. However, because there are so many of these in New York City, I’ve narrowed it down to the top three in the Lower East Side, where our office is located. Ahead, find our expert-curated list of where to drop your laundry off. We have tested these or have friends that have used these services for years and can guarantee that your stuff will come out in beautiful condition, will not be a different color, and will not cost you the price of your rent. Yep, you’re welcome.


Parker Knight

Parker Knight is a great friendly neighborhood service where employees treat all clients like family. They offer same-day service and collect at 9am Monday to Saturday (they are closed every Sunday). Our most affordable option on the list, they charge around $0.99 per pound. It sure beats coin-op washer and dryers.



Formerly known as Cleanly, ByNext is one of the most reputable dry cleaners in New York City, servicing only Manhattan from Harlem to Lower East Side. They provide dry cleaning (returning on a hanger every single time), laundered services (where button downs and other structured items are pressed before returning), wash and fold (separating the whites from colors every single time), alternations and tailoring.


To make it even better, they also have home and office cleaning where a member of the team will come out for a deep clean and well-smelling home and office.


Jeeves of Belgravia

Established in London in 1969, Jeeves is known for their high-quality and reliable services. They have great attention to detail and have an environmentally friendly dry cleaning, laundering, alterations and repairs services.


In addition, they can restore and clean any handbags, backpacks, or small totes that you might have. They work with all fabric, ranging from suede, leather, cotton, and silk.


If you need more reason to send your laundry off, read about how laundry detergent could cause acne.