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Looking for a Nutrition app? Try one of these 3

Options are good.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 10, 2022

As I continue on my 2022 fitness resolutions, I want to make sure I have all the proper tools to lead me to better overall health, safely. A few friends and personal trainers have recommended using apps to digitally journal and keep myself on track. And since I am all about eating more mindfully and taking better care of my health, I realized that I need to make healthier food choices. Since I’m not always that good at doing so on my own, I’ve sought out the help of a nutrition app.


These apps have entire community followings, coaches to act as a support system, and strategies to get you to meet your goals and needs. A lot of them don’t focus on weight loss, but instead on changing habits to make for better lifestyle choices. Like many in the community, I’ve found that these nutrition apps help empower me to make better daily food habits, rather than make me feel like I’m suffocating trying to count each calorie. Of course, most of them give you all the features for a small monthly fee. Some are completely free and some can cost up to $60/month if you decide on a personalized coach.


And because the options are endless in the nutrition app world, finding one that meets your specific goals and needs is important. For that reason, we put together the below list of nutrition apps that are good starting points.


The list contains programs that don’t aim to make you feel guilty or restricted, catering to you as an individual. So, whether you’re looking to shed some quarantine weight (*raises hand*) or have a better relationship with food, take charge of your health with one of the nutrition apps below.



I recently downloaded Noom, a brilliant anti-diet app, and have been impressed with it so far. The app pairs you with a coach to guide you along your journey and puts you in a group with other Noomers who are trying to make healthier choices as well.


Meaning you get the support of one-on-one coaching, small group communication, and long-term success. The focus in Noom is sustainable results and better habits. The only slight con is that it is on the pricer side, at $59/month, with a 14-day free trial once you sign up.


Noom review: How does this weight-loss program work?



MyFitnessPal is one of the oldest nutrition apps in the book. People love it because it’s one of the only remaining free apps that help you reach your weight loss goal, and encourages you to pay more attention to what you are eating everyday.


It also has an incredibly easy interface that is friendly to use and accessible, with its easy barcode feature to record packaged food. The only thing is if you need a bit of structure, this won’t be the app for you. There are no guided programs, or one-on-one coaching.


Now You Can Track Your Steps in MyFitnessPal! | MyFitnessPal



If you hate counting calories, Wellory is the app for you. You will be paired with a real-life nutritionist, starting with a video consultation before you start. There is no specific amount of calories or macronutrients to be put on. Instead, it’s the anti yo-yo dieting app that will help you foster a better relationship with food. Instead of putting in each item you consume a day, you take a photo of your meal everyday and your nutritionist will suggest options or corrections based on your goals. The total cost is $60/month.


Wellory's Emily Hochman is ready to help people with their transformation - MyHealthyApple


Thinking about getting an app to help with your fitness and nutrition goals? Here’s some other wellness tips to help you along your journey. We’ve also researched some resources to help you continue dry January if that’s part of your wellness and fitness plan.


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