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3 best Personal Training apps on the market

Accountability to reach your goals.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Apr 28, 2022

Hopefully I’m not alone in saying this but I’ve gained a lot of weight in the pandemic. Between the stress eating, closure of gyms, desire to properly sleep for the first time in my life, and other factors, I essentially gained a whole new person. I have been aware of this for over a year now and I’d like to say I’ve put different healthy habits in place to get through this weight gain but I have not. Blame it on my traveling schedule or lack of desire but I am just going through the motions and hoping my weight changes.


Of course this method did not work in my favor and I seriously need to get serious about losing weight. Lately, I’ve been thinking I need someone or something to just completely shock my body. Someone or thing that I respect or pay money to will turn my lack of desire into motivation, increased stamina, and less body fat. I remember that when I was in the height of my I’m-so-fit-phase that I was seeing a personal trainer twice a week. That need to not disappoint someone and carry on throughout the week with good healthy habits was everything I needed at the time and something my life is truly lacking right now. 


Sadly, I am not in town enough to make this happen in person but I have been researching a plethora of online resources that offer personal training that I think could be great. And if you are someone that works out often and is in shape, personal training could help elevate or get you closer to your goals all in the right form. Not to mention online personal training does not require any pre- or annual fees to the trainer or gym. You simply pay for the app or trainer and go from there. After all, in 2022, downloading a personal training app is the streamlined way to getting fit. 


And actually, the process is so similar to a IRL trainer. You and your trainer will work out what you want out of the experience, what changes you want to see in your body, what schedule works for both of you and what workouts you prefer. Vetted trainers will then curate a plan based on your availability, budget, and goals. With the app, you have the pleasure of tracking your process, measurement, and diet. To help you sort through all the options for personal training apps, ahead are our favorite three.


Life Time Virtual Training

Life Time Training has personal training and weekly fitness classes. You can opt for one-on-one video sessions, priced at $55 a session, and keep a regular schedule or change it weekly. All you need to do is share what equipment you have and your trainer will create a workout around that. 



Although they offer a 30-day free trial, priced at $150 a month, Future is the most expensive one on our list. Elite fitness trainers will conduct a program for you based on your current diet, schedule, and goals. The coach will then make adjustments based on your progress.


Team RH App

Team RH app calculates users’ calories, macros, and daily steps goals for fat loss. If your main goal is fat loss, RH is the best one on our list for you. They have very high success rates, guided workouts, recipes and of course, one-on-one personal coaching. 


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