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The biggest Technology changes in Grooming this year

Hint: It’s more than just AI.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 14, 2022

If you feel like there are new discoveries in the skincare and grooming industry, you wouldn’t be wrong. With everyone claiming that they have the latest innovative technology, or products that have never been done before, it’s hard to be oblivious to the advances that have happened in the last several years.


Previously, where only a couple of brands owned the space — L’Oreal, Revlon, and others — you now see mega brands and indie brands offering customization to meet the many needs of a changing society. Creating a new layer to the industry — enhanced technology. With the help of technology, we have more innovative products than we ever have before.


It’s the very reason why it’s become so easy to choose exactly what your skin needs with brands taking skin tests and surveys into account to create a completely customized collection, just for you. Ahead, 3 big ways technology is changing the beauty, grooming and self-care industry.


Master applicators

A big thing in skincare right now is the rising popularity in simplified, all-in-one products. Take the master applicator for example. Brands have figured out a way to provide entire skincare routines to their customers in one set of items. The applicator is used to mix the different serums and creams together to get different results.


Essentially, you take the box applicator and the small, dime-sized products, put it into the applicator, and watch it emulsify. One pro about this is that you’re only using the amount of product you need. Additionally, the overall size is so small you can actually travel with it.


Customized products

As an editor in the industry, I increasingly see brands adapt their strategies to include some kind of skin survey or test for their customers to complete. Generally, this is to get a better sense of their needs and provide products that will actually work for them. These surveys are usually short—not meant to be tedious, but instead, insightful, as they will provide the information needed.


Once the survey is complete, a brand rep will then put together a list of several items that the customer can choose from. In most cases, brands will also make a profile for that customer, holding their information and product offerings/picks for future use. This is great for the customer because they are being offered products that will actually work for them. And great for the company because it leads to repeat purchases.


Smart tools

We credit the rising demand for smart skincare tools with the growing number of Americans on their phones more and more throughout the pandemic. Their demand for things to get to them fast has not changed in any way. Similar to the skin surveys, skincare tools aim to go the extra mile with their tailor-made approach.


These tools use high-tech mirrors to analyze your skin and determine its health in real time. It takes a scan each time you log in and focuses on fine lines, wrinkles, pores, pigmentation, acne, and anything else to decide what it can do for your skin. From there, the app recommends a hydrating serum, and something for blackheads and whiteheads, depending on your situation.


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