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3 quick tips for extremely Affordable Meal Prepping

Make it a habit.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 27, 2022

Like many things, the key to success and overall health is consistency. And when it comes to weight loss and maintaining your health, consistency is in its greatest form when meal prep techniques come into play.


Meal prepping is essentially preparing meals in advance, and it is a great way to set a week up for success. It’s especially nifty when you have weight loss goals in mind, as having healthy food made and at your disposal, will work wonders for your waistline.


Additionally, you can save money, as you typically spend a fraction on groceries for the week, instead of eating out. Not to mention, it’s also a sure fire way in reducing food waste, yay planet!


Of course, setting apart a Sunday afternoon to cook and separate dishes into canisters can be time-consuming. So here’s 3 key tips to make meal prepping affordable and easier to manage throughout your week.


1. Make big batches of basics

Sometimes, cooking several different variety meals can become exhausting. We suggest you cook a big batch of rice or beans and freeze it, taking them out only when needed. When you need a quick meal, simply take it out of the freezer and add in your meats and veggies for a perfect, healthy meal.


When you freeze beans, you can also puree some to make a great hummus or dip.


2. Purchase and cook whole proteins

Power proteins, like chicken or salmon, generally come whole and will be the cheapest route in meal prepping. You can sauté a whole chicken and cut it up once cooked to use throughout your meals for the week. For salmon, cut up the whole fish into sections, cooking only what you need and freezing the rest.


3. Stock up and buy in bulk

When there are sales on items that would typically be quite pricey, that is the time to buy. Chicken, fish, or steak freezes really well so even if you see a rather large portion, it’s okay to buy it, because you can just freeze the pieces you aren’t using. Shopping in bulk will keep you from multiple grocery trips and allow your products to last longer.


Don’t forget to actually eat healthy food—try leafy greens to keep you fuller for longer.