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3 Money saving habits you should follow for Flights

Catch flights, not feelings.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 1, 2022

If the ongoing pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that saving your money for a rainy day should be something we do daily. With unemployment still at a record high, and more and more workers working overtime to help support family members who no longer have a job — saving, or the lack thereof, can be a really scary thought.


Can you possibly save money in a climate like today’s? Are there things you are doing that are hindering your savings? Are there daily items (*cough, cough,* coffee) that you are purchasing that you could cut out of your life in the name of saving?


Regardless of your answer to those questions, you are probably feeling burnt out and overall tired. And most likely, if you’re thinking of taking a break, you are thinking of taking a holiday. With your saving habits still on the brain, what is the cheapest way to travel? After all, every little penny helps.


To cheer you on and guide you to your savings-friendly journey and vacation spirit, I researched a couple of tips and tricks to get you there. We hope you have a stress-free and affordable trip with the following 3 tips.


1. When to book it

Unsurprisingly, flight prices will continue to rise the longer you wait. So, it’s a good idea to, whenever possible, not wait till the last minute to book—unless you’re willing to pay the ultra-high fees (Counter intuitive if you want to save).


Here’s a pro-tip: Check Google Flights for the cheapest options by airline for the dates you want to book. And don’t purchase them until 3 weeks before you leave, that’ll give you the cheapest options.


2. If you find a better flight within 24 hours, cancel the original

In case you aren’t aware, under federal law, all airlines grant a 24-hour grace period to all bookers without penalty. Meaning, if you are in need of a quick flight but don’t necessarily find the time to do a proper search in that moment, go ahead and book it. But cancel that flight within 24 hours if you find a better deal.


Airlines will always decrease, or even charge a cancellation fee, anytime you pass the 24-hour mark—so act quickly.


3. Try to have some flexibility

If you are heading to surprise someone for a special event, have a wedding, or family emergency, this rule won’t really apply for you. However, if you are booking travel for leisure, I suggest you be flexible with your origin airport and dates.


I often find that booking flights on a Tuesday is cheaper than a Friday. Equally, leaving on Friday morning is generally significantly more expensive than leaving on Saturday afternoon. So, of course, only if you absolutely can — be flexible.


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