4 best espresso machines for your home

A great investment.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Nov 16, 2021

With these espresso machines, you can very easily convert your kitchen into a café and learn (or improve) the art of making the perfect espresso.


Making coffee at home can be terrifying, let alone looking at an espresso machines (totally overwhelming), with their blazing hot metal, searing steam, and chrome tubes. Because espresso is as personal as it is technical, finding a home espresso machine can be one of the hardest tasks out there.


So to make it easy for you, we did all the research necessary, and here are 4 of the best espresso machines for your home, depending on your price range.


Primula Stainless Steel Moka Pot

This one is made of solid stainless steel with a few plastic details, like the grip, and it’s a good choice for stronger coffee than a normal drip machine. If you want to get technical, espresso must be extracted at a pressure of at least 9 bars, and most stovetop Moka pots, including this one, fall short. But, if you’re not picky, it’s usually near enough. This stovetop not-quite-an-espresso-machine but can definitely produce a fantastic latte with a nice milk frother.

Buy it from Amazon for $25


Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot

Mr. Coffee Dual Shot is a great example of why it’s a good idea to hunt for older espresso machines. Although it isn’t the most modern-looking espresso machine on the market, it is a surprisingly good value for the money. The boiler can generate up to 15 bar of pressure, the machine consistently produces espresso shots, and the steam wand can whip up a creamy, glossy milk froth. However, the body is primarily plastic, which makes it difficult for it to withstand such high temperatures for a long period of time.

Buy it from Amazon for $92


Breville Barista Express

This Breville machine grinds beans for you and creates constant espresso pressure. It also steams milk with an easily adjustable steam wand. It’s like having a coffee shop right on your counter. The Barista Express progressively increases water pressure, which you can monitor with the attached pressure gauge, assuring a smooth and equal extraction. It’s durable, mostly-metal structure and ease of cleaning have also contributed to its popularity throughout the years — and made it a lifelong favorite of ours.

Buy it from William Sonoma for $699.95


Rancilio Silvia M

Though this is on the much pricier side of things, the Silvia M is one of the best machines out there. The slim silver body fits on most apartment countertops and generates steady water and steam pressure, resulting in consistent, well-extracted café-grade espresso. Most notably, the machine’s inside is devoid of plastic, and it’s built like a tank, as evidenced by its weight (30 pounds).

Buy it from Amazon for $775


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Photo via Chelsea Kyle