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4 most popular Men’s Nail Art and Polish brands of 2022

Not just a “female thing.”

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 10, 2022

Nail art, a space previously owned by women, has crossed over into genderless communities; providing art, polish shades, and brands, for everyone — no matter how they identify. And with the early moments of the ’70s and stars like David Bowie and Kurt Cobain, it’s no wonder this form of expression has struck excitement outside of female lenses.


Take Harry Styles, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Nas X, A$AP Rocky, for example. These high profile name have made it cool and acceptable to wear makeup and nail polish as you please, regardless of gender. They are the reason why there are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to “menicures” and over 13.2 million views on TikTok under #boynails.


They have made it cool to have vibrant polishes splashed across the nail, a well-groomed manicure with a subtle, yet minimalist one-over color, and magnificent nail art if you so choose. Ahead, are the most popular nail art and men’s nail polish brands that are taking over your social feeds in 2022.



By Harry Styles, released during the pandemic, Pleasing has a fun way of expressing personal style through 4 main color offerings: Red, Pink, Green and Translucent Pearl (an ode to the singers obsession with pearl). They come in a set for $65 or individually for $20 a set. They are to be worn by any genders and is closed off to no one.


Get Pleasing here for $20 each




“Express yourself and show off your creativity without the commitment,” is the mantra for Machine Gun Kelly’s nail line, UN/DN LAQR. He has beautiful dark polishes with purple metallic and other colors to transport you to a new universe. When interviewed by GQ recently, the artist shared his reasoning for starting the brand: “Individualism is dying and self-expression is how we keep it alive.” Bonus: It’s vegan.


Get UN/DN LAQUR here starting at $18





Known as a men’s grooming company for juxtaposition, Faculty is a men’s nail polish line that focuses on inspired connections, style, self-expression, and confidence.


Get Faculty here for $12.50




This is Lil Yachty’s nail line (who wears all the shades proudly and wants others to do the same). The line is filled with loads of color options and is meant to be mix and matched or layered on top of each because perfection isn’t the goal, expression is.


Get Crete nail pens here for $14



Whichever color you decide to sport, don’t forget to apply a really strong top coat on the nails to make sure it doesn’t chip and to guarantee it a long lasting wear.


Also, it’s about time we stop calling the mullet trend a comeback.


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