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4 best tools for Neck and Shoulder Massage

Once you start, you won’t go back.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Apr 12, 2022

A well-rounded fitness routine isn’t just about working out regularly. Recovery is a key part of the process. Post-workout recovery is just as important as working out. It protects your muscle groups and ensures you can move around after your workout. But fear not, because there’s multiple ways to engage in muscle recovery. You can stretch, take a cold bath, or even get a massage.


Massages are incredibly rehabilitating, as both a luxury and necessity. But what if you don’t have the budget to cover a regular massage? There’s actually a way you can give yourself a massage. For instance, you’ve probably seen tools like neck massagers out in the wild. These gadgets make it easy and cost-effective to indulge in post-workout recovery.


Self-massage can be a great way to make your recovery routine feel more luxurious—without absolutely wrecking your budget. Try a wraparound massager—they’re luxurious and effective, and can work your neck and shoulders. Not only that, but their compact size makes them easy to store and travel with.


Another good choice is a massage gun. They’re great for targeting specific muscle groups, and don’t go as deep as wraparound massagers. If you want similar options, you can get a cane or all-around massager. The ones without motors tend to be more gentle. Plus, you can use them on more muscle groups than just your neck.


But let’s say you just want to focus on the neck. What should you look for? You’re in luck—these tools come in so many different kinds, not just wraparound or massage guns. From pillows to seats, there’s no doubt you can find an option that works the best for you.


Of course, there are small risks that come with using just about any tool like this incorrectly. Be sure you do your research and know how to use your massager. Additionally, take note of how much you use it. A daily massage sounds like a dream, but a couple times a week will give you the relief you’ll want.


There are many benefits of using neck massagers. Not only can they help save you money from expensive massage sessions, but they help relieve muscle soreness, stress, improve blood circulation, and more. Read on to learn more about neck massagers—and to see the best neck massagers worth adding to your recovery routine.


LiBa Back and Neck Massager


Essentially, this cane is like a backscratcher. As you can see, you can use its unique design to target specific parts of your neck. But, because there’s no motor, you have to put in some elbow grease for it to do its job. So it might be best not to use this one after arm day.


Buy the LiBa back and neck massager from Amazon for $18.69.


VOYOR Neck Massager


Do you suffer from headaches? Then get this versatile tool. Here’s how it works: Just loop it around your neck. Seriously. The silicone parts of the gadget will fit to your target and work the pressure points for you. If you want more intensity, just manually move it—adding consistent relief.


Buy the VOYOR neck massager from Amazon for $16.99.


MagicMakers Neck Massager


This one just looks cool (and works extremely well). So if you love the look of all things modern, this one won’t hurt that aesthetic. And did we mention it’s also surprisingly affordable? While primarily for your neck and shoulders, you can also get this one to target more muscle groups if you switch up the fit. With a motor, you can adjust the speed, as well as the heat settings.


Buy the MagicMakers neck massager from Amazon for $49.98.


Zyllion Massage Pillow


You’ve probably seen massage pillows on planes, or maybe you’ve been known to use one yourself. If you don’t, they really are as comfortable as they feel—and you can use them as you sleep. Not only that, but massage pillows like this one can up the intensity after a workout. It has adjustable heat settings and mesh material, so you get the optimal experience.


Buy the Zyllion massage pillow from Amazon for $64.95.


Stretching out your muscles are key to recovery. For those harder to target areas, invest in a foam roller, your body will thank us.


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