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4 best pre-moisturized wipes to use post-Workout

Swipe and wipe.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 26, 2022

I’ve always loved to workout. I love being in a class and vibing with everyone’s energy to sustain myself during hard exercises. But due to the pandemic, this hasn’t been possible. Up until recently, of course. I am now back at boutique fitness studios taking everything from high-level Pilates, cycling, boot camps, and hot yoga.


The one common denominator of all my recent workouts, apart from a really good workout, is the pile of sweat that always accumulates. I have never been the light sweat or glow kind of workout person. But instead, my drenched T-shirt is always the first thing that shows I worked out. Typically, this is not seen by anyone, except my fellow fitness lovers, because there are always showers at these posh boutique fitness studios.


However, with COVID, tons of them have been closed. Which, I get—it’s a pandemic. You don’t want people inside your studio longer than they need to be, and you don’t want to be cleaning up after others if you don’t need to. But on days where I choose to workout prior to a day filled with deadlines and events, I’d like to have a workout followed by an immediate shower. I think it’s normal to prefer not to smell at meetings. Which brings me to my new favorite post-workout thing: Pre-moisturized wipes.


These incredibly small, but mighty wipes are just the thing to freshen up if there are no showers, or you don’t have time to hit the shower. Just because there are no showers available, doesn’t mean you can’t get clean. The wipes remove the dirt and stinky bacteria and leaves you feeling really clean and fresh from head-to-toe. They are great for all athletes, or someone who is on the go. They are gentle, hydrating and moisturizing. Not to mention they come rather large, most are towel-size, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing certain body parts to make sure you make proper use them.


As a big bonus: They are also biodegradable and minty fresh to properly take away all the dirt, sweat and smell. Below are our favorite anti-bacterial body wipes for a post-workout or a person on the go.


Dude Products Shower Body Wipes

($9.99/pack of 10)



Deodorizing Body Wipes Pure Bamboo with Tea Tree Oil

($25/pack of 30)



Oars + Alps Face and Body Wipes, Refreshes and Cleans Skin with Aloe Vera and Menthol

($16/pack of 14)



HyperGo Quick Mint Refreshing Body Wipes

($12.99/pack of 20)



If you’re really worried about how you smell, take things a step further by stepping up your workout shirt game.


Photos via Amazon, Booty Brand