4 best Sunglasses for Summer 2022

Hold on to your retinas.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jul 3, 2022

It’s summer, you’re going to be outdoors and that means not only putting on sunscreen, but also protecting your eyes from UV rays that are extremely harmful.


Finding the right pair of sunglasses is no easy feat, especially when you’re looking at different functions and different purposes. So here’s a selection of the best sunglasses for outdoor activities (because yes, we’re not talking about rave sunglasses, which are a thing).


1. Sojos Small Round Classic Polarized Sunglasses

It is my belief that everyone needs an affordable and stylish pair of sunglasses. Let’s face it, unless you’re extremely precious with your sunnies, it’s so easy to misplace them.


Cue in the Sojos small round classic polarized sunglasses. They’re cheap but look great; they look and feel like an expensive pair of Ray-Bans, and they’re excellent for any casual day out in the sun (we’re talking an afternoon in the park or a trip to the beach!).


Get them from Amazon for $15



2. Tomahawk Shades Wrecker Class

These are a perfect pair for people with wider faces. Not everyone is into wearing oversized frames, and we can’t blame them. These frames fit without looking awkward or oversized, and they’re well made. Additionally, they’re priced at $75, which seems reasonable.


Get them from Tomahawk Shades for $75



3. Rheos x Southern Tide Floating Sunglasses

If you’re splashing around in water and pools, you’ll want sunglasses that won’t sink to the bottom if they come off, but you also want them to be sweat-resistant. The Rheos x Southern Tide collection’s polarized eyewear will float just fine. Additionally, a hydrophobic coating has been applied to them to repel water while you swim making them the perfect summer pair.


Get them from Southern Tide for $78



4. Sunski Topeka

The Sunski Topekas are reasonably priced sport frames with rubber nose pads that bend around your face to block off the wind, sun, and sidelight. They have polarized lenses and are less than an ounce in weight. The fact that Sunski is a member of the Yvon Chouinard-founded business sustainability NGO, 1 percent for the Planet, is particularly significant for anyone aiming to limit their plastic waste.


The Sunski Forever warranty is applicable to these recyclable polycarbonate glasses.


Get them from Sunski for $68



Of course, there are more sunglasses to choose from, but this small selection should get you through most summer activities and keep your eyes safe and keep you looking stylish.


For those of you that want something steeper in budget and inspired by the life of rappers, entertainers, and such, check out Vintage Frames sunglasses.


Photos via Brands, Amazon, Lawson Builder