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4 best places to Thrift in NYC

The places that spark joy.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 3, 2022

The other day, I was at a footwear launch with some of the most creative Black men and women in fashion and was inspired by so many effortless, off-the radar, off-duty, heavy glam outfits. As a high fashion lover, one of the outfits nearly took my breath away. In walked a guy with white straight-leg snakeskin jeans with a mixed material-looking texture, paired with cowboy boots — a polarizing trend I typically hate, but admired with this outfit — and a loose, neutral-toned plaid shirt.


As he flew past me, so did his mint green Telfar. Yes, there was a lot going on, but the confidence he exuded and the “this is very expensive” tone the outfit had was a statement I needed to hear more about. I walked up to him and demanded to know where he purchased each item, and to my surprise, it was all thrifted.


He spends a lot of his time at Beacon’s Closet on 14th Street and told me that sometimes it’s a dig, but other times a diamond in the rough is waiting for you. He isn’t the only one that highly values thrifting in New York. After all, the city is known for some of the best vintage clothing and jewelry, and I’ve never been more excited and eager to be a part of that scene.


With that being said, ahead are some of the best thrift shops in New York City.


Beacon’s Closet, Greenpoint

One of the biggest chain thrift stores in New York City, Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn has fun colored racks where you will find everything from shoes to disco jackets.


beacons closet copy

Photo via Beacon’s Closet


Housing Works, Manhattan

Another popular chain throughout Manhattan, here you can find everything from furniture to jewelry. I find it is more hit or miss than I’d like, but it’s still a really cool spot to look around.


housing works

Photo via Housing Works


2nd Street, NoHo

With more designer and luxury brands than you can imagine, 2nd Street is a great vintage and consignment shop that has some of the coolest items you’ll find in the city.


2nd steet noho

Photo via 2nd Street


AuH2O Thriftique, East Village

If you are down to thrift but don’t have loads of coins to spend, you can cruise over to AuH2O Thriftique where most items are priced at $30 or less. Started by Milwaukee-born Kate Goldwater in 2006, you can find on-trend pieces and plenty of nostalgia moments.



Photo via EVIMA


On the fence about thrifting? Just remember that if you want to find one-of-a-kind pieces, it’s the way to go. Plus, fast fashion is quickly killing our planet.


Photo via L Train Vintage