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4 Coffee alternatives to drink in the morning for energy

There’s one surprising find.

words by: Natasha Marsh
May 3, 2021

The past two weeks I’ve been sleeping poorly. At times it’s due to my revenge bedtime procrastination, or the delaying of sleep time because your day lacked free time. Other times, I have way to much on my mind and toss and turn for ages. This lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep has changed me from a happy morning person, to a groggy, cranky morning person. One who doesn’t have the energy to do her typical exercises and make a healthy breakfast before starting work.


Instead, I end up snoozing and waking up at the last moment possible, hoping I get an energy burst later in the day. Because as they say in theater, the show must go on. My question is, how? How do you fake having energy after sleeping minimal hours or squirming through a night repeatedly waking up? I’m finding that healthy beverages are a great solution. I’ve tested out the below and happily recommend trying one of them out on days your sleeping patterns failed you and you just need more energy.


Lemon Water

For a few years now, experts have been debating over the benefits of lemon water. Some say it aids with better digestion and skin health. Others say it’s too acidic to drink daily and will rot your teeth. But one thing is for sure, lemons have high levels of potassium, that allows more oxygen in the brain — improving functioning. Lemon water is very hydrating and keeps the brain in top shape. I like to do lemon water in the afternoon instead of a coffee-pick-me-up because it reenergizes my mind and prevents me from dehydrating.


Green Tea

With the same caffeine benefits of coffee, green tea is a great fix for decreasing anxiety and increasing dopamine production.


Hot Chocolate

Trust me, we were surprised at this one too. But the cacao helps preserve and improve cognitive functions that help your memory and attention span.


Berry Smoothies

Not only are smoothies so tasty, the berry ones are rich in antioxidants that will help protect the brain cells from damage.


You may also want to reconsider what you add to your coffee because not everything is going to give you that energy and satisfaction in the long run.