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4 Sustainable fashion trends of 2021

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 3, 2021

The pandemic has shifted consumer behavior when it comes to consumption. With “sustainability” and “ethical fashion” trending more than ever, we expect to see sustainable fashion only rise in the coming months. Ahead, we share the four biggest trends of the industry.


More Options

According to McKinsey’s 2020 report, “57% of shoppers agreed that they had made significant changes to their lifestyles to lessen their environmental impact.” Last year opened a lot of people’s eyes to the poor labor treatment within the fashion industry. People are motivated to support brands that respect employees, the environment and animals. As a result, we can expect to see more and more brands offering sustainable or conscious collections, as well as new sustainable brands on the horizon.


Microscope Vetting

Greenwashing and attaching a sustainable or green label onto products has become quite a trend over the past decade but consumers are becoming privy to brands that are practicing performative, marketing-hungry methods and the authentic brands who are operating out of their brand values. Consumers want to see action rather than statements and they want to know they can trust the brand before purchasing. Therefore, we will see a lot more consumers shopping under scrutiny, as they vet out heavy statements and measure up ethics.


Outfit Repeats

Social media and fast fashion made us believe we needed the latest and greatest clothing to be relevant. But despite the stigma, the current Coronavirus pandemic has shown us that we really only need a few pieces and that quality over quantity is key. People have reversed the shame culture for wearing the same clothes and instead are proudly sporting their #OOTD in yesterday’s clothes. We have athlesiure and pajamas on high rotation as we continue to stay indoors more, which means wearing the same clothes is finally normalized.


Going, Going, Gone

Rightfully so, people are very worried about their finances and looking for ways to make an extra buck. With websites like TheRealReal and thredUP, it’s never been easier to resell your clothes. It’s a great way to give a garment a new life while also creating a side hustle.