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4 non-white TV shows to watch right now

Be the change you want to see in the world (or at the very least, on your TV).

words by: Alee Kwong
May 21, 2022

I don’t know about you, but I can only take so much whiteness on TV. We’ve gone decades with them at the forefront, and after a while, it starts to get really boring. These days, there’s a variety of shows that tell the stories of different groups of people, intertwining their experiences with drama and humor—making it not only enjoyable to watch, but also giving us an opportunity to see life through a lens we would otherwise not have had the chance to come across.


Here’s 4 of our top recommendations.


1. Reservation Dogs


Where to watch: Hulu

If you like dry humor, a better understanding of the Indigenous People’s experience on reservations, and anything by Taika Waititi, then this show is for you. Reservation Dogs follows 4 Indigenous teens and their lives on the reservation as they mourn a recent loss of a close friend while trying to escape to California for a better life. We rarely get an accurate depiction of Indigenous People’s lives and this show has proven that it can be done — so long as the entire project is handled with care and cared for by the hands of Indigenous People.


2. Abbott Elementary


Where to watch: Hulu

Imagine The Office, and Parks and Recreation — but make it funnier and less cringe. While both shows had their heyday, their relevance has since died down. What makes Abbott Elementary better than both of those TV shows combined is the relatability factor. We’ve all been in elementary school (and was that kid in class or had to sit through class with them), probably had a class or two with someone just like one of the 4 main teachers in the show, and eventually grew up to struggle as an adult and had to pretend to have it together.


Similar to the other two shows, you get the awkward eye contact with the cameras, uncomfortably candid confessionals, and seemingly mundane events that turn into less-than-mundane antics.


3. Los Espookys


Where to watch: HBO Max

Do you like horror? Do you like dry humor chock full of perfectly timed awkwardness? Do you want to brush up on your Spanish? If you said yes to even one of those questions, Los Espookys is the series for you. The TV show revolved around a group of friends who set up a business creating horror-esque for all your socializing needs. From birthday parties to murder mystery-style will reading gatherings, the Los Espookys gang has you covered. To top it all off, there’s a bit of telenovela satire thrown in there and a handful of Fred Armisen appearances.


4. Starstruck


Where to watch: HBO Max

If you’re in the mood for something on the rom-com side but are tired of seeing the same conventionally attractive white couples, consider Starstruck. From the mind of New Zealand comedian Rose Matafeo, Starstruck is the age old story of a regular pedestrian woman who finds herself in a complicated relationship with a huge movie star (played by British actor Nikesh Patel). Seeing a non-white couple (a Samoan and Indian one at that) is an extremely refreshing perspective while still staying relatable. Who hasn’t had relationship problems before, right?


Let’s say you want to get zooted and watch some TV. Problem solved (well, with the TV side).


Photo via Gilles Mingasson/ABC