4 TV shows to watch when you’re zooted (high)

Don’t judge me.

words by: Alee Kwong
Apr 20, 2022

Have you ever watched a television show (while you’re sober) and it’s just so mind-numbingly cringe? But then, you watch it again after smoking a bowl or popping an edible and it manages to scratch the funny itch in your brain kind of perfectly? There’s no exact word for that high feeling, but I know that we’ve all experienced it.


Some of us like to watch our comfort shows and some of us like to watch tried-and-true series. I’ve recently expanded beyond my comfort zone and looked for shows that spanned across television genres and I think I’ve found some new options if you’re looking to try something new during your next session.


Arrested Development


Where to watch: Netflix

Arrested Development is a cult classic, and with good reason. The 5-season series follows the Bluth family, known as Southern California’s real estate royalty, and their constant struggle with monetary misdeeds, family miscommunication, and family secrets. While this might sound like a soap opera, it is the complete opposite.


A family comprised of conniving idiots, there’s no shortage of complete (and fully avoidable) mistakes. This show is regarded as one of the most underrated comedy series because it is expertly written. Witty and smart (in a non-condescending way), this show is the perfect amount of stupid fun.


Wet Hot American Summer series


Where to watch: Netflix

The Wet Hot American Summer series on Netflix consist of First Day of Camp and 10 Years Later. These two are spin-offs of the original 2001 comedy film and follows kids at an overnight camp in Maine. The two spin-off series and the movie outline the first day of camp, last day of camp, and their ten year reunion.


While the show is overwhelmingly white, like Arrested Development, it is just a lot of stupid fun. Starring immediately recognizable faces such as Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, H. Jon Benjamin, Joe Lo Truglio, Molly Shannon, and Christopher Meloni, this show is lighthearted enough for some cheap laughs and an easy way to ride your high.


Key & Peele


Where to watch: HBO Max and Paramount+

Do I really need to explain this one? If you need a little more variety because watching the same characters over and over again makes you sleepy, sketch comedy is the answer. Since Saturday Night Live decided to stop being funny, it’s time to turn to something that is 1) cancelled (so it can’t disappoint you), and 2) stars two solid comedians with steady talent that doesn’t seem to flop.


Key & Peele is honestly my personal go-to. The downside to some comedy series is that it can easily become a one-and-done. Key & Peele manages to overcome this bump in the road with sketches and jokes that hit every single time, no matter how many times you watch it.


Vanderpump Rules


Where to watch: Peacock

Alright, hear me out. There’s something about the way that reality television is edited that make every dramatic moment funny for some inexplicable reason. The scene cuts, the music, and the horrible people. It’s a train wreck that you can’t help but stare at. I’m not usually one to watch reality television, but the cast of Vanderpump Rules are so disconnected from the reality that most of us experience.


The cast is a group of bartenders and waitresses that work at Lisa Vanderpump’s Los Angeles restaurant SUR (it stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant, cmon!). Give it a try, I can’t explain why it works so well with being high, but it does.


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