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4 ways to survive inflation in NYC

Best of luck to us all.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Aug 18, 2022

If you’ve lived in New York City for a while, you may have noticed everything getting significantly more expensive. What used to cost $30 at the grocery store is easily now $50. The rate of inflation in the US has risen to a new 40-year high. And, according to Labor Department data, consumer prices increased by 9.1% from the last year, which is the fastest rate since 1981.


One of the most tangible examples is that supermarkets in New York City are even increasing the price of eggs due to a major margin loss. The cost of food staples like chicken, milk, and spices has soared as a result of rising gas prices and labor scarcity. Prices at the grocery store rose by the most since 1979 compared to the last 2 years.


If you’re in the tax bracket that will get hit the most by the effects of this inflation, here are some ways that you can survive it… as much as one can.


Shift your buying habits

If you are like me, used to going grocery shopping once a week and stocking up on everything, then you might have to shift your buying habits. Buy a little at a time instead of a big haul. Diversify the stores you go to—some things may be cheaper at convenience stores, others at supermarkets. Make sure you know what grocery stores are near you and what products are cheaper where. A spreadsheet can even help in this case.


Look into food COOPs or community gardens

If you’ve been in New York City for at least a year, then you know by now that you can join a food COOP, where you work a 4-hour shift once a month and gain access to groceries for a discounted price. You can also look into local community gardens in your neighborhood where you may be able to get fruits and vegetables for no fee.


Wait before buying certain things

You may want to upgrade your phone or laptop, or get a new pair of shoes. While that may be easy if you have disposable income, now is not the time to make big financial investments. So perhaps think twice before swiping that credit card.


Promo codes and coupons are your best friends

Having to live through inflation does not mean forfeiting the joys of life. You can enjoy a lot of activities for a discounted price if you get apps, such as Groupon. Additionally, promo codes are more often than not available for every store that has an online interface, and making use of these will save you so much money in the long run. Download Rakuten and get cash back for almost all your favorite shops.


Of course, if you’re known to open up DoorDash every week, that could save you serious coin. Affordable meal prepping might become your go-to.


If you have personal experiences or thoughts about coping with inflation, The New York Times put up a questionnaire for people to fill out. And here’s what makes brands recession proof.