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5 bad shower habits that are ruining your Skin

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 19, 2020

You probably weren’t aware that you could make a mistake in showering. That’s where we come in. Below we show you all the things you must avoid the next time you step into a shower so that your skin will thank you. 


Reduce Your Shower Time

Showering too long (more than 10 minutes) can lead to dry, itchy skin. Try to get in, wash yourself and get out. You’ll save water and your skin from breakouts or irritations. 


Your Water Is Too Hot

Steamy, ultra-hot showers are incredible but our skin does not handle it well. The hot water strips the skin of natural oils and sebum. 


Your Products Are Too Harsh

Fragranced soaps, antibacterial and the like can all cause skin to become irritated. Avoid heavily scented products. 


Loofahs Are Bad For You

We are firm believers in tossing out your loofah. They hold an immense amount of bacteria and yeast. Use a washcloth or your hands for a better and cleaner wash. 


Lotion Up

Regardless of how gentle you are in the shower, the very act of showering slightly strips the skin of sebum – leaving skin dry, itchy and tight. Post-shower moisturizing is key. Apply lotion all over to lock in moisture.