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The 5 best Hair Dryers for men

The high-tech tool you need.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 12, 2021

Plenty of men don’t own hair dryers so if you fall into this category, rest assured it’s normal. However, the benefits of a hair dryer are unmatched and usually the single tool that creates your perfect hair day at the barber.


But what should you look for one selecting one? And which ones are best? To help you out, we put together the below guide.


What features should a blow dryer have?

Let’s be real, your hair dryer will most likely be used more for styling than actually drying your hair. A great hair dryer will help attain volume and maintain your hairstyle for a longer amount of time.


Below are our favorite five hair dryers, designed with men in mind.


Heist Hair Kit 2.0

Made with 2,200 watts of drying power, this one comes with a vented hairbrush that will work wonders in getting the product evenly distributed to your hair.

You can buy the Heist Hair Dryer from Heist of London for £99 GBP (~$140 USD).


T3 Fit Hair Dryer

At only 14 inches, this is a great travel dryer or a companion for your small NYC bathroom. Thanks to the IonAir technology, your hair will dry fast without feeling fried.

You can buy the T3 Hair Dryer from bluemercury for $149.99.



With three heat settings, this dryer is a great one-and-done product to have on-hand. It’s ergonomic handle make for a comfortable dry. And because hair sets as it cools, this dryer comes with a powerful cool shot button to blast through your hair as a finisher.

You can buy the GHD Hair Dryer from Sephora for $199.


Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer 

Made by celebrity hairstylist, Harry Josh, this less than 1 pound dryer is sure to deliver.

You can buy the Harry Josh Hair Dryer from Dermstore on sale now for $174.30.


Dyson Supersonic

Known for it’s V9 motor, the Dyson is a favorite in the barbering world and the ultimate flex.

You can buy the Dyson Supersonic from Dyson for $399.99.


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