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The 5 best Razors to Shave your Head

Just in time for summer.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 19, 2021

Selecting a good razor is the single best thing you can do to prevent your skin from becoming irritated. Good razors will buzz close to the skin (wet or dry) without breaking the surface, removing all hair and preventing all ingrown ones.


If you travel often, or equally, if you’re on the go, opting for a lightweight razor with a good charge would be most optimal for you. Although there are two types of razors, traditional or electrical, traditional (read: manual) shavers will not be strong enough for the head. Electrical shavers however, are way less forgiving and better for beginners. Plus, nearly all electrical shavers can work on your face and head — preventing you from buying two separate razors and saving you coins.


And if you’re still on the fence from buzzing or shaving your head, we get it. It’s a big decision but one that you’ll appreciate for the lack of maintenance (and product) and minimization of bad hair days. Not to mention, having more hair during the warmer months makes life a bit hotter than usual. It’s important to know that it does take some maintenance, as you’ll want to keep the look fresh and sharp, it will require nearly daily shaving or a couple times a week. This is because, when the hair becomes too long, the razor will snag and start to miss hair.


Whether you are shaving your head for style points or because your hair is thinning, we have just the razor for you ahead.


Skull Shaver

Our number one pick due to the 4 cutting heads it has which allows for flexible contact with the scalp. It’s also waterproof and can easily be cleaned.

Their products are currently on sale and range from $39.99 to $209.99 via


Philips Norelco QC5580

The blade in the Philips can swivel 90 degrees to the left or right, making it an ideal shaver for the sides and back of your head. Plus it comes with two blades, one regular (3 to 15mm) and a precision comb (1 to 3mm) for the perfect buzz cut. A 10/10 in our book.

You can buy it from for $69.99 now.


Teamyo 5D Electric Head Shaver

At 4.3 stars and with thousands of reviews on Amazon, the Teamyo is a top pick for it’s affordability and flexible shaver and clipper head. It also includes a nose hair trimmer, facial cleansing and exfoliating brush.

You can buy it now from for $41.99.


Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

Not your average hair clippers, the Remington has round blades that are perfect for reaching the back of your head. The compact design was made with a Lithium battery with up to 40 minutes off a single charge.

You can buy it from now for $59.99.


Braun Series 9 9330s

This four blade cutting system is great for stubborn or coarse hair either on the face, chest or head. If you’re copping these, you’re getting the Rolls Royce of shavers.

You can buy it now from for $269.97.


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Photo via Prim & Prep