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Revamp your Personal Space with these 5 Furniture brands

Later IKEA.

words by: Alee Kwong
Aug 27, 2022

Nothing brightens the mood like getting new furniture and reorganizing your home. The only drawback is that furniture shopping can be tedious and take months before finding the perfect piece. The internet is a blessing and a curse in that you have thousands and thousands of options right at your fingertips, but not every single one is going to match the vision you have for your space. Paring down brand options can be as tiring as the hunt for the furniture itself.


Flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales are some of the best places to find unique pieces, but they’re usually a crapshoot, and success is not always guaranteed. The best course of action is to have anchor brands that have a decent amount of offerings for staple items, such as couches, chairs, tables, etc. Furniture is an investment, and the hope is that you can keep these things as long as possible. The price tag might be on the heftier side, but rest assured that the quality can be vouched for.


Here’s our top 5 recommendations for furniture brands that aren’t IKEA.


1. Yowie

Born in 2016 from the mind of Shannon Maldonado, Yowie first started as an online-only shop. Soon after, it became a Philly-based home and lifestyle brick-and-mortar, focusing heavily on curating small collections from local and independent artists.


Yowie offers a variety of items such as plate ware, textiles, magazines, planters, and so much more. If you’re someone who prefers more eclectic décor, I highly recommend picking up their decorative ceramics to supplement your home.



Photo via TimeOut


2. Lichen

In 2017, Ed Be and Jared Blake came together with a mission to merge the worlds of furniture, interior design, industrial design, music, style, arts, and contemporary culture in a way that hadn’t been done before. How did they do that? They not only built a dream team of designers and builders, but also re-contextualized their thoughts on design.


Known for innovative takes on staple furniture pieces, Lichen is paving the way towards the future of furniture while honoring the past.



Photo via The New York Times


3. HAY

Scandinavian minimalism is obvious in HAY‘s products. The Danish company is inspired by the realities of life and always offer a fresh take on the simple objects that are part of our everyday. From large staple items like sofas to small items like candle holders, HAY gives customers the opportunity to incorporate the functionality of Scandinavian minimalism around their individual spaces.



Photo via Chicago Magazine


4. Burrow 

If you’re interested in Scandinavian minimalism and the charm of American mid-century modern, Burrow is the perfect answer. Their beginnings came from frustration with other companies making low-quality, disposable furniture.


Burrow believes in making furniture that has “beautiful designs that work well and last a long time.” What more could you ask for? Their philosophy is that it’s all about creating with the customer, not just for them.



Photo via Burrow


5. Depart Studio

Started by photographer Daniel Primero, each piece of furniture is named after words in Tagalog (a dialect in the Philippines), and each collection piece is a reflection of an independent thought, recollection, memory, or moment of nostalgia. Depart Studio offers a handful of pieces at a time and each piece is made-to-order.



Photo via Depart Studios


Now you’ve got your furniture sorted. Next up is how to level up your home with some small changes. Might we suggest starting with some room sprays?


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