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5 Grooming Tools to help you take it to the next level

It’s all in the details for grooming.

words by: Adam Hurly
Aug 16, 2022

There are some grooming tools everyone owns, like nail clippers, tweezers, and a face shaver or trimmer of choice. That’s the baseline stuff, since we all use these products a couple times a month to simply keep order. (And we recognize that “order” means very different things to different people.)


However, these are some grooming devices that we wished more guys would own, beyond this baseline. There are so many ways to tidy oneself up or maintain your most youthful, clear complexion. And for that, we hope this list of 5 devices will change your grooming regimen for the better. Not that it needs changing, per se, but there’s always room for growth. (Except when it comes to past-due fingernail clippings and beard shears, that is. But you’ve got that base covered.)


Here are 5 grooming tools that every guy should own (and our favorite in each category).


1. An ergo-friendly Body Groomer

Stop using your beard trimmer to tidy up your armpits and pubes. Instead, get yourself a dedicated body grooming device, and one that works its way comfortably around your most delicate angles and crevices (since a little snip on the nips, pits, or balls is, well, the pits). The best body groomers also allow for easy length customization.


We prefer the groomers that have a row of teeth running parallel to the handle itself, so that you can navigate it easily with the flick of the wrist. If it has an angled head (wide at the handle, narrowing towards the teeth) then that’s even better for trimming clean lines, and getting safely into the armpits, as well as gliding across your back with a simple over-the-shoulder maneuver. Perhaps the biggest perk lies therein: No more asking your best friend or partner to shave your backside.


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2. An Ionic and/or Ceramic Hair Dryer

Standard-fare hair dryers do such a good job drying your hair, that they leave it fried, frizzy, and untenable. The idea is to expedite the drying process, but not to ruin your hair in the process. One of the ways to safely dry your hair is to invest in a hair dryer with ionic drying functionality or a ceramic belly.


Ionic dryers send negative ions towards the positive ions inside the water on your hair. This process quickly pushes away that excess moisture, without opening up the cuticle of the hair and overheating the strands. This allows you to lock in a preferred hairstyle minus any breakage or frizzing. Ionic dryers are especially great for thick and curly hair types.


As for a ceramic hair dryer: This clay material on the interior of the dryer sends infrared heat into the hair shafts, allowing for quick, balanced, drying. It’s especially good for thin, dyed, and damaged hair.


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babyliss hairstyle

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3. A Blackhead extractor kit

We’re not big on popping your own pimples, given that this can leave some significant scarring, or at least a dark spot that takes months to heal. Still, sometimes a tiny prick can help drain a pesky pimple and expedite the inevitable. Moreover, these blackhead extractors can help you quickly extract the pore-clogging debris that checkers your schnozz and chin.


Using a magnifying mirror, give them a tiny poke, then apply pressure with the looped end. Follow with a salicylic acid treatment serum and an overnight healing cream, et voila, blackheads be gone.


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4. A Water Flosser

By now, you’ve probably decided whether or not you prefer a manual toothbrush or an electric one. The latter is more broadly endorsed by professionals, given it combines the right amount of time + pressure needed for a good clean. But hey, some folks still trust themselves to do the task manually, and that’s fair.


With flossing, on the other hand, it can be a little more difficult to get the same from a manual cleaning than from an automated one. And that’s why we stand by water flossers. Their force is like a power wash for your teeth, and also keeps gums strong in the process. No electric brush will be as effective at preventing plaque buildup quite like an electric/water flosser… so what are you waiting for?


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5. A detail Trimmer

Our second trimmer on this list handles the smaller details around your face. Think the eyebrows, hair line, sideburns, neck line, cheek lines, the mustache definition, and the sorts. It allows you to give different weights and contrasts to your facial hair (like a fuller beard and thinner stache, or vice versa) or even snip down the whiskers to some custom style (instead of just letting the hair grow and accepting it as is).


Your friends might notice that something is slightly different about you (in a good way) without fully pinpointing the change. It’s proof that the little details go a long way.


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Now that you have these 5 down, check out our longer list of 10 must-have grooming devices and some of the biggest technology changes in grooming this year.


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