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These 5 Home Gym systems are expensive, are they worth it?

For the win?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 4, 2022

Let’s be real: Home gyms are not going away. If anything, with a looming uncertain global pandemic still on our hands, they are only trending further.


Nowadays, the home can be a place where you relax, work, and work out. Because the required 30 minutes of moderate physical activity can be done at a gym or in your home, more and more people are updating their current machines. But because money doesn’t grow on trees, you might be wondering if these expensive home gym systems are even worth the price.


To start with, yes they are expensive. But they give us the convenience of hitting our 30 minutes of exercise a day, at our own time. Ahead, we share 5 of the most amazing full-body gym equipment (that are often on sale) to help you work out at home. Plus, all 5 of them have payment options making it not too drastic of an upfront financial commitment. A win, win.


MYX Fitness II Plus

The only bike on our list is often listed as $300 off for most major holidays (we recommend waiting until then so you don’t pay the full $1,599 price tag). The MyxFitness The MYX II Plus is a full-body workout that doesn’t require special shoes for your ride –the straps will adjust to your sneakers. It also comes with a tablet, six-piece set of weights with kettlebell, a stabilizer mat, an exercise mat, a foam roller, and a resistance band. Hello full package.


Peloton Tread Ultimate

The Peloton Tread Ultimate packages features two yoga blocks, three dumbbells, a reversible workout mat, a yoga strap, a water bottle, a heart-rate monitor and of course the Peloton treadmill. This will be just the machine to fill your 30 minute activity requirement, especially for the $2,935 — $3,115 price range plus $350 delivery and setup fee.


Echelon Row-s Connected Rowing Machine

Clocking in at $1,599, the Echelon Row-s Connected Rowing Machine targets your whole body without taking up too much space. With a 22-inch display screen and a $35 monthly membership, you will be in shape in no time. Plus, it has wheels and folds so you can store this away when not in use — great for small spaces and apartments.


Tempo Studio Pro Package

Sometimes you just need an all-in-one machine to mimic a real gym. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Tempo Studio Pro Package. Equipped with two 7.5 pound dumbbells, a 25-pound barbell, workout mat, heart-rate monitor, recovery roller, folding bench, a folding squat rack, kettlebell system, weight-plate storage piece, 75 pounds of weight plates, two 25-pound competition plates, two 45-pound competition plates, all of this will keep your 2022 fitness resolutions on track. You do however have to purchase a monthly $39 membership. And the package is $3,995.


The Mirror Pro

Seen in almost all Lululemon and some fancy department stores, the Mirror Pro package is one of the most luxe home gym experiences and aesthetically pleasing systems you could purchase. It comes with a mirror, stand, lens cap, heart-rate monitor, fitness-band pack, one pair of weights, reversible mat, mat strap, yoga block, a towel, and a double foam roller all for $1,795. Plus, they often have sales of up to $500 off, just make sure to check the site.


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