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In defense of Apple Music: 5 reasons why I love it

It does everything I need it to and looks good while doing it.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Aug 29, 2022

I’m not a Spotify user. I used to be. Of course, I quickly grew tired of the little guitar ditty paired with “The next 30 minutes are ad-free, thanks to the following sponsors,” in the middle of an album. So, I paid for Spotify Premium. But then, 2014 happened. Apple Music was rising, iTunes disappearing. I eventually started gravitating towards the app that was on my iPhone’s home screen instead of opening Spotify.


Eventually, I never looked back. I picked my side, and I’m obviously an outlier. I’m always painfully reminded of my indie choice of app when friends send me Spotify links I have to—groan—manually type into Apple Music like an old person because the companies refuse to collaborate for one second and integrate. But I’ll go down with Apple Music. Here’s why.


1. It’s user-friendly

The main thing you want in an app is a prime UX. Take, for instance, your go-to streaming service. It probably runs smoothly, the pause, play, and rewind buttons are mostly reliable, and you have little to no problems navigating.


Apple Music answers the call. Since the company has been known for user-friendliness since its first PCs, the music app had to come out the gate a stunner. It did. When I fire it up, I can mindlessly do what I need. If you’re unfamiliar, it takes notes from both iTunes and Spotify. You can navigate Apple Music without a learning curve.


2. Being an Apple user helps

Probably the best thing about Apple Music is that I have an iPhone and MacBook. I can’t lie—the integration game goes crazy. When you log in using your Apple ID, even iTunes purchases you never deleted download into Apple Music.


Not only that, but you have a convenient little app on your Apple device that’s already ready for you—no downloading! I love that. It’s so easy to just navigate to my bottom bar and get my tunes on the go.


3. Apple Music pays more in royalties

As a creative, I’m a big proponent of seeing us succeed. I’m deeply passionate about creatives getting the compensation they deserve to be able to keep doing what they do.


It’s a well-known fact that streaming services definitely don’t do their best to give artists streaming royalties, but Apple Music is a leader among the pennies they offer. I’m guessing they can dig a little deeper into their pockets, but it’s something. For that, I’ll gladly stream my faves on the app.


4. Exclusive perks

I know what you’re thinking: “Pstt, Spotify has its own podcasts, interviews, and whatever else they do with exclusive licenses. They’re even starting to sell concert tickets.” I hear you. I do. That’s cool. But Apple Music also has perks. (Plus, I use Apple Podcasts, which is the compartmentalization I need for my brain.)


From interviews with Actual Music Fan Zane Lowe, who is one of my favorite interviewers, to having its own yearly awards thing going on, Apple Music won’t just give you nothing. I really like that it lets you know about sound quality (Lossless, Dolby Atmos, Apple Music Master, etc.) when you click on a song or album. I can definitely hear these differences, and I can tune my AirPods (I know, this company runs my life) to my preferred sound, too.


5. The bells and whistles are there 

I’m a no-nonsense app user. I like to be able to do what I need and go about my day. When it comes to music, I make my little playlists, save my little singles, and keep going. If you’re like me, you’d love Apple Music.


Plus, the app is attractive. I can listen to Replay (Wrapped, for you Spotify users), dating all the way back to 2014. I can browse new artists, related artists, get treated to similar artists when I finish a playlist, pick from listening behavior-curated radios, and the service even borrowed from Spotify’s weekly playlist function. Though I don’t care for a “Get Up” mix, I love to see what my friends are listening to via their profile pictures at the bottom of album art.


Apple Music has only gotten better. New changes are natural and seamless. So, if you’re getting clowned for using it, don’t feel bad. You’re not missing much, and you’re paying for an experience you prefer.


I have nothing against Spotify. There’s no denying that its a leader in streaming apps, and I’m sure that by next year, Apple Music will be doing AM Concerts as well. But Apple Music is my choice.


Speaking of Spotify, they’re increasing their listening quality even more. And in related news, even TikTok is entering the music streaming service game.