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5 best rental clothing services for plus sizes

Just a few clicks away.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Apr 23, 2022

For those looking to update their wardrobe, hate wearing the same clothes twice, or test new trends before committing to a style, clothing rental services (subscription boxes) could be the best thing for you. Not to mention, way too many stores don’t offer as many plus size options as clothing rental companies.


Why choose a rental service?

Clothing rental services provide you with increased access to popular fashion brands without the struggle of going into a store to try on, or the alarming financial commitment that can ensue. When you subscribe to a clothing rental service, you can browse a large number of clothes and match them to your personal style. Even better, some services offer a stylist to guide you or offer you inspiration.


The main reason why people commit to rental subscription services is for the freshness in their wardrobe and the joy of not having to commit to space or finances when renting. And if you do end up really liking one of the items you rent, most clothing rental sites will give you the opportunity to purchase the item at a discounted rate.


How it works

Speaking of cost, the price of clothing rental services vary. But typically, you’ll be anywhere from $40-$200 for a monthly clothing rental membership. Depending on how the site works, expect to receive 4-8 items.


When it’s time to send the clothes back, the process is actually quite simple. Generally, the company will send you the prepaid shipping label and wash the clothes for you when received. All you have to do is box the items and drop it off at your local post office or designated shipping center.


Put simply, if you are not a fan of in-person shopping and want to try on clothing in the comfort of your home, crave a variety of clothing but lack the space or budget, or want to avoid buyer’s remorse, clothing rental subscription boxes are for you. No matter the situation, there is a subscription service for you. And rest assured, you will find your size.


Here’s some reputable companies to get you started on your rental subscription box journey.



For only $88 a month, you can receive hot items from brands like Free People, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and more from Nuuly. You get to select 6 styles (two additional, if you’d like for a total of 8 and a small fee), and keep them for 30 days. Nuuly offers pre-worn items, causal separates, everyday items, statement pieces, and office wear, and a ton of special occasion options.


The company offers laundry and dry-cleaning with every subscription and no fees for stains or damages. Plus, your subscription typically arrives in 2 days.


Nuuly Thrift launch | CNN Underscored


Stitch Fix

Offerings up to 24W and 3XL, Stitch Fix gives you a style quiz, and asks for your unique sizing, style, and preferences, and then assigns you a personal stylist. During the quiz, you’ll also set your pricing budget (up to $200). This person will then choose 5 articles of clothing and accessories to match your preferences.


Stitch Fix also offers maternity, women’s, and kids so you can get clothing for the whole family all in one place.


Sign In | Personal Styling for Women, Men & Kids


Rent The Runway

The original clothing rental company, Rent The Runway, continues to offer the most clothing choices, way more than its counterparts. At this point, the company has even expanded to physical locations, offering the same deal. At Rent The Runway, you can rent items a la carte for $30 (for 4-8 days), or rent via membership for $69-$199 (4-16 items per month).

Rent the Runway Offers Cash and Apologies to Angry Customers | BoF


Trunk Club

Up to size 28W and 4XL, there is a $25 styling fee to order a box at Trunk Club, Nordstrom’s subscription service. Like most clothing rental services, when you sign up for Trunk Club, you’ll take an extensive style quiz, so the brand can get to know your preferences. The Trunk Club is also one of the only subscription boxes that includes shoes.

Nordstrom says Trunk Club has lost more than half its value in two years - Chicago Tribune


Wantable Style Box

For a $20 styling box fee (goes towards any item), Wantable has each subscriber take a brief quiz on sizing and style preferences. From there, professional stylists will curate a box of 5-7 items from up-and-coming brands and notable brands—focusing on showstopping Instagram-ready fits. If you decide you like at least 5 items (ranging from size XS-3XL or 0-24W) and want to keep them, the company will offer you a 20%discount. Items are usually $30-$70 each.


Wantable | Expert Personal Stylists


These are just a few rental options to get you started. If you want to rent a suit for prom season or your next job interview, H&M might be the solution.


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