5 scary movies to watch on Netflix right now

Poor Texans.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Sep 12, 2022

Halloween is starting early this year (look, it was a hot summer, okay?), and the scary movies are already rolling out. Even though we won’t see a proper launch until October, for those getting ready to shake out their Target cobwebs now, here’s what you can catch on Netflix.




This one made me scream bloody murder over a decade ago. Insidious is what convinced me that scary movies are not my vibe. I feel like if I watched it again today, I would still be spooked. While the story of “supernatural being torments a family” is a go-to in horror cinema, the things this movie did with “Tiptoe through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim, a random lake, and a demon mask scarred me. So I recommend this!


Scary Movies to Tell in the Dark


Remember reading this movie in grade school? Remember it changing you? Remember the cover?! Well, now there’s a movie of the same name out, and it’s alright. On Halloween, some young trick-or-treaters are trying to hide out from their bullies and need a way to pass the time. So, like the books, the movie depicts three short stories in the meantime. They’re chilling folklore tales you won’t forget for a while.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre


It’s the remake, so don’t get too excited to see the original bloody (bloody) tale. And you might be asking yourself why I’m putting such a horrible movie on this list. It’s because sometimes, you need an option to laugh or cringe with your friends. Here’s your option. And since you’re on Netflix, not your only one.


Being the ninth movie in the TCM franchise, ideas have definitely run thin. Basically, the premise is the same as the original, but with the commentary on vegetarianism and social change removed. Leatherface pops up to murder some teens. That’s it.


Day Shift


This one is also a comedy, but an actual attempt at one. And again, it’s…fine. If you’re chilling with your pumpkin beer (please leave recs) and want to be in the mood for something supernatural, turn on Day Shift. We covered the plot recently, but basically, Jamie Foxx has to murder some vampires. The cool part is that most of them are Cirque du Soleil employees who were out of work due to COVID. So, they do some cool stuff.


Fear Street Trilogy


Another book take, this trilogy brings R.L. Stine’s book to life. He’s famous for the Goosebumps books, which had a “Choose your own adventure” series that I was never good at. Anyway, these 3 films aren’t bad. Taking place in 1994, 1978, and 1666, respectively, each film explores its own subgenre of horror, but contributes a general overarching story: Teenagers who have to break a curse that plagues their town. Clearly, since it’s been happening since the 1600s. Each movie goes back in time with each installment, adding more to the plot. It’s a great way to spend a long weekend.


As Halloween looms closer, we’ll no doubt be treated to even more classics and upcoming frights in the entertainment department. We can only hope that they go a little bit better than some of the ones on this list.


For instance, Wendell & Wild is hitting Netflix soon. Don’t have Netflix but have HBO Max, check out these 6 scary movies on the streaming service.


Photo via Netflix