5 shows to put on your Fall watchlist

Get your Smart TV and laptops ready.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Aug 29, 2022

Fall is probably the best time for serialized entertainment. It’s been this way for decades, but every time the weather gets one degree chillier and leaves start falling, you can expect quality television to follow on its heels. If you’re trying to get in more shows before the viewing season, or you want some new arrivals to add to your watchlist, here’s what you need to tune into.



Release Date: TBA

Where to watch: Netflix

The trailer just dropped for this highly anticipated Netflix series, and the hype is only getting louder. In this re-imagining of everyone’s favorite spooky family, Jenna Ortega stars as Wednesday Addams, a teen who navigates her way through a school for teens who do things like set piranhas on her little brother’s bullies. And with Tim Burton behind it, we know it’s going to be all the chill and thrill we hope for.



Rings of Power

When: September 2

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

As much as we’re in a reboot-era, we’re in a prequel one as well. Joining the ranks of Game of Thrones and Star Wars prequels is Rings of Power, Prime’s entry into what HBO and Disney have going on. Learn about the myths and legends that took place thousands of years before The Hobbitt and Lord of The Rings, from the Misty Mountains, to Lindon, and Numenor.



Los Espookys

When: September 16

Where to watch: HBO Max

If you’re into the supernatural and haven’t heard of Los Espookys, there’s still time to catch up before September 16. This Spanish-language comedy follows Renaldo and his business partners, who form a business for those who want to orchestrate a little fear into someone’s life, from an American Ambassador to an influencer looking for more clicks.



Abbott Elementary

When: September 22

Where to watch: ABC/Hulu

Class is back in session this fall! ABC’s hit show by Quinta Brunson has been given a shiny release date of September 22. The mockumentary-style comedy is about teachers making it happen at an underfunded elementary school in Philly, led by a less-than-qualified (but utterly hilarious) principal. Season 1 is already racking up awards for writing, comedy, and direction, and got a longer season order, so don’t sleep on this one.




When: September 30

Where to watch: Hulu

Ramy is coming back to grace our screens. As a first-generation Egyptian-American, Ramy is caught between his Muslim heritage’s traditional beliefs, and being a millennial in New Jersey, where his peers believe life is too short to not have consequences. So what do you do when you’re from an immigrant family who sees life as a moral test, on a spiritual journey, but still trying to live your life? It’s a show anyone who struggles to make it all work can relate to.



We can’t wait to see what these shows bring to the table come fall. Which ones are you tuning into? Or are you waiting for Andor?


Photo via Hulu