5 X-Men character introductions into the MCU that just make sense

I’m so tired of re-watching the Fox movies.

words by: Alee Kwong
Dec 5, 2021

Marvel fans have been waiting with bated breath for a proper introduction to the X-Men into the MCU. As most fans know, the X-Men are one of the most popular Marvel superhero groups ever created (with the Fantastic Four right behind them). The Avengers are actually not the most popular group, believe it or not. Since the debut of the X-Men in September 1963, Marvel fans far and wide have banded together with fiery support for this group of misfits.



The X-Men have teamed up and crossed paths many times with the heroes that we currently know in the MCU. Some have even become enemies of our current MCU faves. The ownership of character licenses was the main barricade that stopped Marvel Studios from introducing them right from the start. Up until March 2019, 21st Century Fox owned all the rights to the X-Men, Deadpool, the Fantastic Four (let’s not talk about all of the Fantastic Four movies and very recent X-Men movies — forgive and forget).


Once Disney acquired 21st Century Fox and all their characters, this gave Marvel Studios a huge green light to incorporate the X-Men into their universe. I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again — Marvel is extremely calculated and intentional. So far, the only X-Men member that’s been introduced to us (as a clear nod to the Fox to Disney/Marvel character crossover) is Evan Peter’s Pietro in WandaVision. While we might not have had the full roster of the famous X-Men introduced, here are some that would make sense and fit perfectly into the films that the MCU already has planned.


1. Storm


Potential connection: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022)

If they don’t at least TEASE Storm in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, consider the bag fumbled. Storm (aka Ororo Munroe) is the daughter of a tribal princess of Kenya and an African-American photojournalist father. Storm is raised in Harlem, NYC and Cairo, Egypt. She has not only assisted the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, but also had a full-blown marriage to T’Challa. Yes, the Black Panther. Their relationship was one of the more high-profile romantic relationships in the Marvel comics.


2. Rogue


Potential connection: The Marvels (2023)

If we want to start introducing dark characters with troubled pasts, Rogue should be high up on the roster. While Rogue (aka Anna Marie Lebeau) is between an alpha and beta-level mutant (meaning her powers don’t pose grand-scale harm to society), she has the ability to absorb powers through physical contact and can simultaneously drain someone’s energy doing so. Rogue is famous for absorbing Captain Marvel’s powers after secretly attacking her, unexpectedly absorbing her entire persona, permanently keeping not only her flight and super-strength powers but also her psyche.


3. Jean Grey


Potential connection: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Here we have yet another very troubled and dark X-Men member. Known as Professor X’s protégé, Jean Grey is an omega-level mutant (the most lethal level), making her someone that can cause cataclysmic destruction. The relationship between Professor Charles Xavier and Jean Grey was toxic from the start. When he took her in, he realized the powers she possessed and put a mental block in her head to stop her from knowing they were there. These blocks helped the Dark Phoenix control her causing massive death and destruction around her. The Scarlet Witch will be appearing as a villain in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Jean Grey and Professor X are no stranger to the Scarlet Witch and it is rumored that the Scarlet Witch will be facing Professor X in the upcoming film.


4. Wolverine


Potential connection: Captain America 4 (TBA)

Wolverine (aka James “Logan” Howlett) is one of the most famous X-Men. It would be insane to sit on debuting him in the MCU when Evan Peter’s Pietro already got some considerable screen time. In The Falcon and the Winter Solider, Baron Zemo took Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to Madripoor, a lawless island located in the Indonesian archipelago. The island of Madripoor was the backdrop of many X-Men comic book stories, and while the pirate island is known to be under the Power Broker’s rule (via MCU canon), it is also known to comic book fans as one of the many homes of Wolverine.


5. Kitty Pryde


Potential connection: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)

Kitty Pryde (aka Katherine Anne “Kitty” Pryde) is another alpha-level mutant and a part of the younger generation of X-Men — seen by many of the X-veterans as somewhat of a younger sister figure. In the comics, Kitty Pryde developed a strong bond with Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord). Their first encounter was when the X-Men and Guardians teamed up on a space mission involving the Shi’ar alien race. At one point, she dropped her X-Men name and took on the name Star-Lord, and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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Photos via Marvel / 20th Century Fox