50 things to do while you’re stuck inside

Should be enough right?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 17, 2020
  1. Do not panic.

  2. Make your bed in the morning and establish a mental separation.

  3. Experiment with cooking elaborate breakfast food – now that you have all the time in the world.

  4. Take a bath.

  5. Browse through the Met’s art collection online.

  6. Apply to some of the art grants we’ve told you about before. 

  7. Watch Outbreak on Netflix and try to pretend that we aren’t basically living it.

  8. Paint your room.

  9. Clean your room.

  10. Deep clean your kitchen and/or reorganize your pantry.

  11. Practice yoga at home with these free tutorials on Youtube. 

  12. Make a three course lunch: load up on your veggies and check these food items that you should add to your diet to boost your immunity.

  13. Call your parents.

  14. Take social media breaks to keep your sanity (that includes news coverage and other Coronavirus related info).

  15. While you’re detoxing from social media, get back into reading.

  16. Check out this spreadsheet of open resources and recommendations for things to read / podcasts to listen to.

  17. Have a Google Hangout / FaceTime session with your friends. 

  18. Utilize Google Earth’s street view to take a virtual walk outside, and visit your favorite spots in the city.

  19. Show your plants some TLC.

  20. Journal. 

  21. Hang all the frames that you’ve put off hanging because you “had no time.”

  22. While we’re on the home improvement train, now’s the time to build the IKEA furniture that you haven’t gotten around to doing yet.

  23. Get creative with your snacking: make healthy, wholesome snacks with nuts and yogurt.

  24. Make your own dried fruits or protein bars.

  25. Make your own peanut butter.

  26. Make a big batch of tea.

  27. Learn a new recipe.

  28. Learn a new skincare routine.

  29. Try a trick from an Instagram DIY video.

  30. Start a Tik-Tok account.

  31. Go through the pile of papers on your desk and reorganize/throw what isn’t needed.

  32. Learn a new language.

  33. Shoot your shot with your crush because… literally why not?

  34. Catch up on correspondence: answer emails you haven’t had the chance to yet, write some letters, practice your penmanship.

  35. Organize your computer desktop: get rid of files you no longer need.

  36. Go through your phone gallery and delete pictures / screenshots / unnecessary photos. Thank us later.

  37. Go through your Instagram list and unfollow people you no longer interact with or those whose feeds bring you no joy. Marie Kondo that shit!

  38. Change your bedsheets. (

  39. Redecorate your room by looking up Feng Shui tutorials online.

  40. Create a moodboard for your future start-up and/or business idea. 

  41. Why we’re at it, look into a business strategy for said business.

  42. Learn how to code and make your own webpage by ways of free online classes.

  43. Learn how to make your own hand sanitizer from Aloe Vera extract and rubbing alcohol.

  44. Do your taxes.

  45. Listen to records.

  46. Get to know your roommates better (if you don’t live alone).

  47. Play dress-up.

  48. Exfoliate.

  49. Dance alone in your room.

  50. And lastly, get some rest!