Give the gift of Experiences this year with these 6 ideas

Take away the pressure with one of these ultra-cool experiences.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 14, 2022

Just last week, I attended an event at Wick and Pour, a candle-destination studio, where we assumed chemist roles for a few hours and learned how to make a candle. I was among several other grooming and beauty editors, and despite our roles in the space, none of us had ever made a candle or knew the inner workings of one. We listened intently to our instructor as he went over safety rules, step-by-step instructions, and ideas on how to personalize our candles.


It was such a cool event; we played with burning hot wax, fragrance oils, and other unique features that only Wick and Pour offer. I left the event with an initial candle and kept thinking, that it would be a great way to celebrate the holidays with my friends. Not to mention, the studio also operates under a BYOB approach.


Giving someone an experience is way better than last-minute gift cards, a new gadget that everyone already has, or the traditional pair of socks or sweater. So what other experiences or classes make great holiday gift ideas? Ahead, our 6 favorite experiences and classes to treat your loved ones to this holiday season.


The Chef & The Dish

Does your giftee love pasta or food in general, but not quite sure how to make or perfect it? Then it’s time to give them the gift of a handmade pasta (and beyond) class via The Chef & The Dish. Treat them to a private or group cooking class in a whole assortment of cuisines.


Buy a gift certificate for The Chef & The Dish here


cooking class


Airbnb experiences

Give the gift of an intangible memory that will last a lifetime with Airbnb experiences. Curated experiences ranging from culture to hot air balloon, cooking, skydiving, and a coffee masterclass — the world is their oyster.


Book an Airbnb experience here


airbnb experiences copy

Photo via NBC


Limitless adventure

Tired of aimlessly walking around a store looking for something that speaks to you? Owned by Virgin Airlines, Virgin Experience Gifts includes gift cards for white water rafting, luxurious spas, sailing, golf tours, and so many more attractions.


Buy a Virgin Experience Gift certificate here


virgin hotel experiences


An art subscription

If they are lovers of art but don’t have the time to curate or not sure what style their home should aspire to, give them this extremely pricey ($30,000 annually) gift of an art subscription, where Saatchi Art staff of expert designers will research, curate, and send one piece a month. With one new piece to hang up each month, they’ll be thrilled.


Buy a Saatchi art subscription here


saatchi art

Photo via Saatchi Art


Black literature book box

For the POC friend who loves to support the culture or the white friend who is eager to learn more, the library-inspired quarterly book box is a great way to learn about the diaspora and key Black literature and authors.


Buy a Black literature book box here


book gift


A vintage car rental

Don’t want to contribute to cluttering up their home? Give them a once-in-a-lifetime gift with Hagerty’s DriveShare experience that lets them rent cool, classic cars. Choose from spending a day cruising the backroads in a vintage convertible or go for manual cars and live on the wild side.


Rent a vintage car here


car rental


As if you needed more reason to not give someone a gift card, we thought about it, and here’s our stance. Plus, let’s say you want to give someone the gift of a screen break. Here’s some ideas.