6 best haunted houses and Halloween events around NYC

It’ll run through the week, don’t worry.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 1, 2022

Halloween is a great time in New York City where sidewalks are often treated like runway events throughout the year. During spooky season you can spot thrilling vampire costumes, blue-faced Avatar iterations, mummies, skeletons, and a variety of other costumes that are scary good.


The city is also well known for epic parties and haunted houses for the pure of hearts and those looking for a real-life thriller. There truly is something for everyone. Ahead, we are sharing the best haunted houses and Halloween events around New York City. Enter if you dare.


And lucky for you, all events listed below last through Halloween week, meaning if you procrastinate on a fun-filled scare, you can still access this till November 7, 2022. 


Nightmare Gothic

In the heart of the Lower East Side in downtown Manhattan, you will find Nightmare Gothic where the goal of the maze is to find the missing child throughout the Victorian Gothic-themed space. You are allotted an hour to complete the Psycho Clan mission while dodging terrifying characters, real-life monsters and bone-chilling scares all for the price of $30.  


Hallow’s End Haunted House

Located on Staten Island and down the road from the actual cursed Kreischer Mansion, you can indulge in clown town, witch haven, and so much more. They are currently in their first year and only open on the weekend. To enjoy the mazes, multiple themes, food and drink, it will cost you a mere $40. If you purchase tickets for Hallow’s End online, there is a slight discount, and they only take cash at the door. 


Madhouse on Mulberry

This one goes till November 6th and even scared Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart recently. If you happen to be free on November 4th and 5th, you can catch Lights Out Nights where you can enter the scary experience in complete darkness. Madhouse on Mulberry pricing starts at $24.


Kreischer Mansion

Most known for Edward B. Krieshcher who passed away there, there are many tales that go into creating the magic at the Kreischer Mansion in Charleston, Staten Island. Unfortunately, this one already ended so save that $30 for next year.


Terror Haunted House

This is one of the longest standing haunted houses in New York City and for good reason. The 20,000 square foot space is home to mental asylums, creepy monsters, and so much more. Tickets for Terror Haunted House are nearly $60 after fees and this one is also closed now (your wallet and heart thanks you).


A Haunting in Hollis

Available in Queens till November 11th, A Haunting in Hollis has 3 floors of spooky fun with winding hallways, two outdoor mazes, and costumes that will make you scream. It’s also one of the cheapest on our lists at only $20.


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Photo via Jessica Lehrman/The New York Times