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6 Black-Owned coffee brands you need to start drinking

Trust us, it’s worth the shift.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 2, 2021

Did everyone manage to snag up a National Coffee Day deal? If not, no worries, we still have you covered. If you, like many humans on this planet, drink a cup of coffee (or several *ahem*) every day, the money you spend can add up quickly. Switching from big brand coffees like Starbucks or Variety to Black-owned businesses is a no-brainer, especially with so many fantastic options available in cities across the country.


Here are 6 alternative brands worth checking out to make the switch from mass-produced coffee items to Black-owned businesses even easier.


Sip & Sonder

Inglewood, California’s first specialty coffee house, Sip & Sonder, was founded by Amanda-Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicholas in 2017. The location became a destination for creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and curators to have a cup of coffee, and connect with a coffee roaster or creative studio on-site. Sip & Sonder’s online shop is now carrying its signature roast as well as a cold brew roast.


BD Imports

Patrick and Phyllis Johnson founded BD Imports in 1999 with the goal of providing clients with high-quality, specialty-grade coffee that is sourced responsibly and with gender equality as a value at its core. Right now, BD Imports only has bold and decaf coffee pods, but a wider assortment will be available early next year.


Boon Boona Coffee

“The bridge between African specialty coffee and you,” happens to be Boon Boona Coffee’s motto. Efrem Fesaha was inspired to start a company with this aim after noticing how difficult it was for Seattle’s East African community to obtain quality and consistency in their coffee. Boon Boona Coffee obtains high-quality coffee from farmers in a variety of African countries which has resulted in long-term connections with these farmers, as well as assistance for the long-term viability of their crops. They have a monthly coffee subscription service that you can subscribe to or you can simply purchase single bags of roasted and unroasted beans.


Dope Coffee

Dope Coffee is on a quest to prove that “high-end coffee and Black culture are inextricably linked.” Michael Loyd, who created the company, intends to create unique items inspired by Black culture for Black people and anyone else who wants to participate. The coffee bags come in a variety of flavors, both traditional and unusual. Coffee-infused goods are also available, including coffee-infused syrup, coffee-infused beard and scalp serum, and coffee face and body scrub. What a treat! You can shop the entire Dope Coffee collection online.


BLK & Bold Coffee

The founders of BLK & Bold, Pernell and Rod, have pledged that 5% of the company’s income will go to initiatives that help at-risk youngsters. So, you’ll not only be supporting a Black-owned business by drinking BLK & Bold Coffee, but you’ll also be helping to sustain youth programming, improve workforce development, and combat youth homelessness. This business offers a variety of teas, accessories, and a coffee and tea subscription service in addition to a selection of coffees.


Deadstock Coffee

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Deadstock Coffee combines sneaker culture and hype culture into their brews. If you’re a sneakerhead, you’ll definitely want to make the pilgrimage to this spot by Ian Williams, who worked his way from being a janitor to sneaker designer at Nike before opening the humble establishment. For those looking to get a fix from home, you can shop the various Deadstock Coffee roasts online.


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Photo via BLK & Bold Coffee