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6 Podcasts to add into your weekly rotation

It’s like TV in your ears.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Apr 10, 2022

Podcasts are to radio what streaming services are to TV, and we are lucky enough to be in the heart of both. You can find a podcast about practically anything these days, but with so much choice comes so much mediocrity—finding the greatest podcasts worthy of your ears may require some assistance. Whether you’re cleaning the dishes, working out, commuting, or relaxing in the bath, this well-curated selection will entertain and educate you.


Reply All

Reply All takes you down internet rabbit holes to explore long-forgotten music, phone scammers, hijacked Snapchat accounts, and Team Fortress 2 bots in a beautifully paced and always convivial game. It’s a well-crafted and endlessly imaginative program with a point to make.


Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell tackles misunderstood events and infrequently discussed ideas in this varied collection of bizarre stories, ranging from Toyota’s car recall to the firebombing of Tokyo at the conclusion of WWII. Gladwell freely mixes research and opinion, and he relishes debating conventional wisdom, but each episode of Revisionist History is chock-full of fascinating facts and gripping stories you’ve probably never heard before.


The Read

Kid Fury and Crissle West, two brutally honest comedians with chemistry, discuss and critique all of the current pop culture news and provide their critical comments on everything during The Read. These lengthy chats, which cover contemporary events and frequently touch on social justice, mental health, race, and sexual orientation, are insightful, amusing, challenging, and refreshingly distinct from the podcast pack.


How Did This Get Made?

Hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas bring guest creatives to have heated and funny discussions about some of the worst movies ever made. From Face/Off to Junior to The Room, movies that are so horrible they’re entertaining are scrutinized and severely mocked on How Did This Get Made?


Nice Try!

Over the years, the pursuit of utopia has resulted in the formation of some remarkable communities, and season one of Nice Try! dives into their history, attempting to understand the idealism that motivated them and why these communities eventually failed. Season two shifts to lifestyle technology, which includes anything from doorbells to vacuum cleaners, all of which are designed to help us achieve our personal nirvana in the ideal home.


The Memory Palace

These tales of seemingly random incidents in the past, skillfully delivered by the eloquent Nate DiMeo and backed by great sound design, have an ephemeral, dreamlike, emotive air to them. These condensed stories serve as historical snapshots of little-discussed occurrences, and it’s difficult to imagine another podcast as artistic and moving as The Memory Palace.


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