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6-step guide to Elastic Skin

Looking young is easy, just follow these steps.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 26, 2022

Known for innovative ingredients, formulations, and strategies, Korean skincare has been trending upwards for the last 5 to 10 years. The products, which include sheet masks, essences, toners, and serums, help to create extremely smooth, even-toned and glowing skin. It’s this notion of a glow from within that Korean skincare products encompass.


The Internet has been obsessed with replicating it, watching tutorial after tutorial and spending loads of money on items that will help them get this tight, dewy look. And there is a name for this, it’s called skin elasticity, or the ability of the skin to move and stretch. It’s the very thing that creates plump, healthy-looking complexions.


To give you some background, the skin has a total of 3 layers (epidermis, dermis, and subcutis) that impact elasticity. The dermis has two kinds of protein, collagen and elastin, that are responsible for elasticity. Collagen and elastin help the skin bounce back into place.


So now you’re probably wondering how elasticity is lost. Elastosis, the natural aging process of loosing skin elasticity, happens due to environmental factors and products that are used. The loss of collagen will create sagging skin, wrinkles, and complicated fat deposits — causing the skin to fall and sag. Collagen and elastin can also be compromised by the environment, smoking, and pollution. In addition, forgetting to wash the day off your face can also lead to clogged pores and older-looking skin.


Of course, you can spend as much money as you can on expensive and effective products, but what will keep your skin elastic (read: tight) and youthful is consistency. A consistent skin care routine might include a cleanse (or double cleanse), serum, and moisturizing agent. In order for your skin to be as elastic as it can be, you need to make sure you have a ton of water (in products like hyaluronic acid and glycerin) that can reflect off light. Wondering how to get that? Here’s the main steps.


Step 1: Cleanse more than once

Starting off with clean skin is the best thing you can do. And an easy way to ensure you’ve removed all the debris and dirt from your face is with a double cleanse. First, use a cleansing oil or micellar water, and then follow up with a foam or cream wash.


Step 2: Exfoliate

Removing dead skin cells with exfoliation will make sure pores won’t be clogged and will have room to create space for new cells to flourish. Sloughing away dead skin cells helps remove dull and lackluster skin and promote smooth, healthy cells that will create a glow and tighter, younger looking complexion.


We should warn you though, too much of a good thing is possible. Don’t exfoliate your skin more than twice, especially if you are acne- or oil-prone, as too much exfoliation could destroy more than just dead skin cells.


Step 3: Tone (optional)

People tend to stay clear of toners because it’s not mandatory and traditionally includes irritants. But rest assured, toners made in the last 7 years are formulated with hydrating ingredients (green tea, floral water, etc.) that won’t dry out the skin. Toners are great if you have a multi-step skin care routine, as they help oncoming products absorb better.


Step 4: Moisturize

This step should not be a shock. To have tight and healthy skin, you will need to moisturize daily. In the summer, we suggest a lightweight product that packs in the moisture but doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin — a key for summer humidity levels.


Step 5: Don’t skip your eyes

Although tedious, dedicating some time to your eye area is a good idea. Add in an eye cream or a cold eye patch from the fridge and apply gentle on the fragile area to keep it hydrated.


Step 6: SPF always

Like always, the last step in any routine, no matter how minimalist or maximalist you are, is daily sunscreen use. Skin can easily wither from UV rays. If you don’t protect yourself from the rays, it can easily promote wrinkles, loose skin, and a lackluster appearance.


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