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7 analog gifts for people who need a Digital Detox

Hands on.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jan 24, 2022

Remember when your hobbies didn’t come with a screen and notifications all the time? We’re beginning to forget how that feels like, and this is why we’re offering 7 ideas for gifts that can be used in real life for a digital detox.


Lego Typewriter Kit

Allow your special someone to combine their love of Legos with their nostalgia for the days before computers by allowing them to construct their own mid-century typewriter. While the keys do not actually put ink to paper, the carriage does travel left to right as the user types, exactly like a genuine typewriter. This kit contains 2,079 pieces!

Temporarily out of stock on so get the Lego Typewriter Kit from Amazon for $297.


Discraft 175-Gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Frisbee golf courses can be found almost anywhere, and it’s a great way to unwind after a long day. A 175-gram disc is a common weight, so if your friend wants to play ultimate Frisbee, this’ll be perfect.

Get the Discraft Sport Disc from Amazon for $10.99.


Fluance RT81 Turntable

Spinning that vinyl is, no doubt, the best way to listen to music. The RT81 is one of the best choices out there. Known for its sophisticated, good appearance, thanks to its solid walnut structure, it has a counterweight that can be adjusted, a built-in phono preamp, and a belt drive.

Get the RT81 Turntable from Amazon for $300.


Lomography Diana Multi Pinhole Film Camera

The Diana is a pinhole camera, which produces images with soft colors and edges. On 35mm film, the liquid-filled lens generates some pretty surreal, creative images.

Get the Diana Film Camera from Lomography on sale for $32.45.


CubicFun Notre Dame 3D Puzzle

This adult 3D puzzle is more than just a gorgeous façade. It also has great inner beauty. The builder can open it 180 degrees once it’s finished to examine the exquisitely detailed inside. Additionally, it’s possible to tour the 1/250-scale interior of the 900-year-old cathedral. The 293 parts should keep the builder occupied for quite some time.

Get the 3D Notre Dame puzzle from Amazon for $60.


RETTACY Graph Paper Notebook

Bullet journaling is a to-do list and journaling approach combined. The writer can draw or scrawl however they like because it’s condensed into a form of shorthand that’s heavy on bulleted lists. After that, the author can look back on their thoughts and achievements throughout time. These thick pages don’t leak ink to the other side and are smooth and comfortable to write on.

Get a journaling notebook from Amazon for $16.


Riedell Dart Pixel Roller Skate Set

These skates will absolutely bring a smile to anyone’s face, and ensure that they spend some time outdoors.

Get the Riedell Dart Pixel Roller Skate Set from the Figure Skating Store for $129.


An easy was to digital detox is to put on some tunes and kick it. Here’s some new music for you to try out.


Photo via Lego