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7 reasons to take Psyllium Fiber, the natural laxative

Trust us, you should be consuming this daily.

words by: Natasha Marsh
May 29, 2022

Usually, when you hear the word laxative, you think about someone taking one for stomach issues, mainly constipation. But in reality, there is actually a host of health benefits to laxatives, especially psyllium fiber — the soluble fiber from Plantago ovata (an herb) seeds.


Taken 1-3 times daily, psyllium fiber can come in granules, capsules, powder, liquid and water. The nice thing is you can mix in the powder or granule form with your favorite liquid, as long as you remember to drink at least 8 ounces (240 milliliters) of liquid when you take it.


What are the benefits of psyllium fiber?

Let’s get right into why this laxative should be in your daily rotation.


1. Builds immunity

Psyllium fiber is classified as a prebiotic, and has good bacteria that is essential for boosting your immunity. In addition, it reduces inflammation, encourages healthy cell and tissue growth, and fights off infection.


2. High in fiber

Probably the most beneficial reason for psyllium fiber is the fiber intake. At 7 grams per tablespoon, it is highly rich in fiber. In fact, it gives you your daily 25% value needed.


3. Maintains weight

Eating fibers, such as psyllium, can help decrease and maintain body weight. For starters, fiber makes you feel fuller for longer — limiting the overall amount of food you eat.


4. Helps digestion

As previously mentioned, psyllium is a laxative and with the encouragement of good bacteria growth in your gut, it helps make digesting food and liquids a lot more of a smoother process.


5. Helps prevent diarrhea

If you suffer from leaky gut, or just a sensitive stomach, you probably know a common side effect is diarrhea. Psyllium fiber focuses on performing as a bulking agent to treat diarrhea. Essentially, when you consume psyllium fiber as a powder with your favorite liquid, it will swell and enlarge — soaking up the water in the digestive track and making the stool more firm and able to pass more slowly.


6. Aids in constipation

Because psyllium fiber is so high in fiber, it can treat constipation very effectively. The fiber works to absorb the liquid in the intestines, therefore, making it easier for your body to do its thing, while hindering constipation.


7. Can lower cholesterol

And lastly, this small but mighty fiber, helps to lower cholesterol. Several conducted studies, like this one from Harvard, have shown cholesterol lowering when patients consume psyllium fiber in tandem with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


If you’re looking for other digestion aids, try mushroom tea. We know how it sounds, but stick with us on this one.


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