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4 ways to use Cannabis as Self-Care

It’s not all about the high (all the time).

words by: Natasha Marsh
Dec 6, 2021

I’m having a really hard time understanding that Insecure is coming to an end so please ignore all the Insecure references from here on out. But remember how Molly and Issa would have self-care Sundays. They would get together at Issa’s house and do yoga and smoke weed. And fine, occasionally slip into some wine. It was a way for Issa to vent about all her tenants in the building that she looks after and for Molly to speak about how much she hates her law firm. And they would just have a best friend, all chill day with no worries and no disruptions. And that’s exactly how self-care should be. Selfish.

Self-care is important. If you didn’t know that, you most likely found out the hard way during the pandemic. It is paramount in a global pandemic and a work from home culture to care for ourselves while we deal with anxiety, grief, anger, loneliness, burnout, depression, and any other emotions that come up. Practicing self care can restore our energy and health. For some, cannabis is a go-to grab for self care. Below are four creative ways to use cannabis for self-care.

Cannabis meditation

You can embrace cannabis for meditation. For many they use it as a way to combat anxiety and wandering thoughts. It can also be used to help sooth aches and pains while you do an exercise or take a long bath.

No your amount

A lot of people think cannabis will make them anxious. But it could be the dose they are taking. It’s safe to experiment with dosages if you are finding you aren’t having a good time. Try it out until you get to a comfortable dose and time. Once you know your dose, you’ll see what the best is for your social anxiety, headache, or times to just chill.

Take a bath with cannabis

You might already know that cannabis has loads of anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, that’s one of the many reasons why CBD is used to treat epilepsy and sore feet. The next time you take a bath, try adding cannabis oil or a bath bomb infused with cannabis to relieve your body and joints of pain.

Stock up your work from home set up

If you type all day long, you know about sore wrists. Tendonitis and carpal tunnel are both caused by swelling, which cannabis may help soothe.

In other cannabis news, New York finally legalized recreational marijuana use earlier this year!