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8 tips for organizing your disaster of a closet

More like items to help you get started.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jan 28, 2020

For the vast majority of us who cannot take on a full-scale apartment renovation, there are more subtle and lowkey things you can do to make your bedroom or closet far more livable and organized. Here are 8 closet-organization ideas to help control the heaps of clothing you likely wade through every morning. 


“Umbra Estique” over-the-door rack

The Container Store $22

Your closet has a door, why not use it? Especially if you lack the floor space for a coat rack. One of these over-the-door racks should give your cold-weather gear a place to rest that isn’t the back of your desk chair, or worse, the floor.


Wenko Kerkules 2-tier organization system

Bed, Bath & Beyond$89.99

If you don’t have a hanging rack in your closet, installing one of these organizational systems will help you cheat the system. You can get two decently sized racks that you can stuff with clothes. 


Bamfox shoe rack 

Amazon – $19


Storing your shoes has got to be the hardest task: there are tons of ways you can do it, but most shoe racks either look cheap or take up too much space. The simplest solution is to get this rack. It’s easy to build and small enough to hide in your closet, and on the plus side, it looks inoffensive enough to keep in your entryway.


Axis international cedar drawer dividers

Amazon – $30.95

Keeping a chest organized is easier said than done, but with this chest organizer the task is much easier to handle. These cedar internal drawer dividers are easy to adjust and will bring out the little neat-freak in you.


KEPT x KROFT wooden peg rail

KEPT – $88 

A peg rail is another coat and bag storage solution, that is if you’re willing to drill into your walls to mount it. Add style and function to your entryway or bedroom with the KEPT x KROFT wood peg rail. It’s an intelligent, angled design that keeps your belongings in place.


Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag

Amazon – $10.99

If your laundry basket takes up serious floor space, ditch the clunky hamper in favor of this durable canvas bag. Give dirty laundry a new home. The built-in hanger helps it hang out of the way! Doesn’t that sound dandy?


Richards Homewares Belt Hanger

Amazon – $6.99 


Small items can be the trickiest to store, often taking up precious space that can be used for larger garments and other accessories. Keep your belts in-line and get this  belt hanger that makes the tough leather belts easier to hang.


Franklin Brass Over The Door Towel Rack


No linen closet? No problem. Keep towels handy with this rack — perfect for scarves or towels.



Gif by Maori Sakai