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If you struggle with bloating, drink these 8 Teas

For warmth and being free from stomach pain.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 15, 2022

Since I was a young child, I’ve had stomach issues. I’ve seen tons of doctors—who put me through loads of tests to learn what’s going on with my gut health—all to find nothing. No allergies. No inflammation. Nothing. However, without fail, I have weekly (sometimes daily, meh) stomach aches, that either leave me sore or bloated.


Sometimes, when I am having work days filled with deadline after deadline, I feel the same irritation, coupled with an insanely annoying, lingering nausea. Growing up, my parents never gave us medicines. Instead, we went by old South African remedies that my grandparents and parents used when they were small. It always helped, but sadly, nothing took away my bloating.


I wanted to stick with natural cures for my ailments, and discovered that certain teas are great for bloating. And true to my South African roots, I drink at least 4-6 teas a day. So adding another tea every once in a while didn’t seem like a chore, instead it was welcomed—especially if it helped with taking my pain away.


Below are a few of the plants and herbs, you too, can take if you feel bloating.



Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory and helps with nausea. Not to mention it helps with stomach pains, gas, and bowel movements. A win-win if you will.


white garlic on brown wooden table



Peppermint oil, candy, tea, or mint can help reduce stomach pain, bloating, and gas.


green leaf plant in close up photography


Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds can help with irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, bloating, and GI spasms.


brown dried leaves on white surface



Fennel is not only delicious and easily accessible at grocery stores, but it’s also good for your gut. This vegetable helps get the gas out of the intestines and like other fiber-rich foods, helps your body produce more bile. More bile means your body is better able to break down fats that could cause bloating.


green grass



Lemons have a ton of citric acid in them, which helps to increase urine output, and release any water bloating that may occur.


two lemons



Although people drink chamomile to go to bed, it can also help with a bloated stomach. Chamomile extract can protect against diarrhea and stomach ulcers because it is so anti-inflammatory.


white and yellow flowers in tilt shift lens


Dandelion root

Dandelion root tea helps reduce any water weight and retention that you might be storing in your body unknowingly. Warning: You might have to pee constantly when you drink this. Annoying? Yes. But that’s actually how you know that the water (and inflammation) is leaving your body.


white dandelion in close up photography



Matcha, known to aid in weight loss and energy, is the key anti-bloating ingredient you want. The catechins in matcha help soothe the GI tract and help your stomach digest food more efficiently. (And it doesn’t taste half bad, either).

green powder and spoon on board


What are your favorite teas to drink? Do you drink them for the caffeine, the benefits, or just because you like the taste? If you need electrolytes, drink and eat these.