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The 9 best (MALIN+GOETZ) products

Because sometimes, one brand is enough.

words by: Adam Hurly
Sep 15, 2021

Uncomplicated, that’s the successful aim of (MALIN+GOETZ), one of our favorite grooming brands. Their assortment of skin, hair, and fragrant products are some of the most straightforward, well-performing and top-tier ones that your money can buy. And for a brand that competes with luxury brands, MALIN+GOETZ remains affordable by comparison.


The best MALIN+GOETZ products read like an herbal mélange, too—a craft cocktail sipped from the garden patio at the height of summer. Notes of grapefruit, sage, eucalyptus, bergamot, and even rum and leather pop out. And even though they barely miss this shortlist, an assortment of cannabis-tinged products are a recent customer favorite.


Below are the best MALIN+GOETZ products, each of which is a terrific introduction to a brand that can uncomplicate and streamline your grooming regimen—while keeping your tastes elevated, and without breaking the bank.


Grapefruit Face Cleanser, $36

We’re all supposed to cleanse our face first thing in the morning, and at the start of our bedtime regimen, too. But a lot of us wash even more times during the day, whether it’s because of a sweaty workout, an especially humid day, or because we’re oily by nature. Regardless—and even for the twice-a-day folks—you need a gentle cleanser. A foaming gel like this one is exemplary for the case, because it won’t compromise your skin’s moisture levels, thanks to the addition of amino acids. The refreshing grapefruit scent is a nice jolt of energy in the morning, too, or a soothing wind down after a long day.


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Rum Bar Soap, $16

Aromatherapy for your shower, this rum-scented body bar makes for one very stress-clearing scrub down. It flushes toxins and grime with palm kernel oil, while the calming scent lingers on your skin for an hour after—but it stays refreshing all the while, unlike how real rum might linger on you for hours after an indulgent night. This one warms spirits after a long day, or at the height of winter.


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Eucalyptus Deodorant, $22

One of M+G’s forever best sellers, this tingly-fresh eucalyptus deodorant overpowers your natural musk and deploys citronellyl to neutralize odorous bacteria under your pits. It’s free of aluminum, alcohol, and synthetic fragrance. Instead, it deploys all-natural eucalyptus leaf oil for the fragrant effect, though it also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and skin nourisher.


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Peppermint Shampoo, $22

Rich with amino acids, this shampoo does its key job—cleansing head and scalp—without frying your hairs and leaving skin dry or flaking. It’s an ideal shampoo for frequent washers for this reason, but also terrific for the every-third-day washers who want a peppermint-tingly reset in fewer intervals. We all love a rejuvenating rinse, but this gives you something even greater to look forward to.


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Cilantro Hair Conditioner, $24

Both a daily conditioner and a leave-in hair treatment, this conditioner restores moisture to hair—and magnifies it too, particularly after a shampoo reset. It utilizes cilantro extract and fatty acids to nurture hair and scalp alike, and to keep hair from frizzing, tangling, or poofing.


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Bergamot Hand + Body Wash, $24

We champion this as a hand wash foremost, but it works equally excellent in your shower as a body wash. Given all the hand washing we’re doing these last couple years, it’s imperative to get one that keeps hands nourished while killing germs and ridding it of grime. A blend of amino acids and fruit extracts keeps skin fortified as you build a foamy lather with this gel. If you want to reduce your plastic use, you can also buy the gallon-sized refills, so that you need not replenish for a year or more.


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Leather Eau de Parfum, $95

While leather headlines this scent, it has some serious perennial powers—as opposed to most leather scents, which tend to wear solely in fall or winter. This one marries the broody ingredient with woody, spicy, and floral notes for a surprisingly sweet finish. It carries a 16% perfume oil composition, so it casts a medium radius, with a half-day staying power. 


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Sage Candle, $55 

A lot of us have tried “smudging” our apartments with sage—you know, where you burn a branch of sage to clear out bad juju? Think of this candle as the equivalent of that; it invites positive energy into your home (and your home scent—or lack thereof, or desperate need for) is a reflection of your personal care and grooming ideals. Make sure your abode matches your personal standards. This sage scent isn’t a solo effort, either: It is bolstered by eucalyptus, orange peel, lavender, cedarwood, leather, moss and cedarwood. 


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Advanced Renewal Moisturizer, $76

The one unscented item on this list achieves great things with an herbaceous name. This lightweight moisturizer utilizes meadowfoam seed oil, which has a very low comedogenic rating (meaning it isn’t likely to clog pores). Instead, it will absorb quickly and nurture skin while helping to revive and rejuvenate at hyper speed. The meadowfoam seed oil serves as an additional moisture barrier on skin, keeping moisture inside, as omega-3s, apple stem cells, and sodium hyaluronate work in tandem to neutralize skin-aging pollutants and keep skin firm and radiant.


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